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Why Are Music Concerts Never A Huge Success In Delhi NCR?

I love concerts. Rock or EDM, I don’t mind. I just love em. But that really doesn’t make any difference to the fact that I never get the chance to be a part of all the concerts that happen in India. You must be wondering, why?

Well, I live in Delhi NCR.


And you know how many such events take place here. Sometimes, I honestly feel that even those few concerts that happened in Gurgaon were forcefully hosted here. Maybe, because the VIP’s didn’t want to travel to Mumbai.

Anyway, the point is, I don’t think Delhi NCR has what it takes to host a musical concert. Once you go through my reasons, you will agree for sure.

Here they are-

1. Crowd me wo baat nahi hai

Music concerts

I know what are you thinking. But it’s not the number we lack in. We are talking about the speed with which the concert passes would go flying out. And just so you know, it happens at a much faster rate in Mumbai. Moreover, there’s no doubt that Mumbai is the biggest seller in India.

So, the next time sponsors choose Mumbai for your favorite artist’s concert, you already know why.

2. VIP’s hi VIP’s

Vip gifs

Do you know how many tickets are usually demanded by the authorities for their VIP area? It ranges between 50 to 60 tickets. But you should also know that Delhi NCR is full of ‘Tu janta nahi hai mera Baap kon hai’. So, here the sponsors demand 500+ VIP tickets.

Get the picture why organizers stay the phuk away from Delhi NCR?

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3. Cancellation Vodoo is real here

drake disappointed

Remember the time when Delhi NCR was all covered in the craze of Metallica gig. Way back in 2011, Metallica was all set to rock, but it never happened. Even Bryan Adams concert was canceled and the organizers faced a lot of issues while contemplating the after effects.

Seems like an ancient voodoo has been cast over Delhi NCR that isn’t going to allow any concerts. LOL.

4. Delhi NCR isn’t the entertainment capital. Period.


Ok, no rivalry here, but it’s a fact that Delhi isn’t the entertainment capital, Mumbai is. Which is why, it is quite natural that the international music performers always choose Mumbai over Delhi when it comes to the venue.

Additionally, there aren’t respective hard-core fans for each genre here, like they have in Mumbai.

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ViralBake Telegram

5. Lack of logistics (rather logical sense)


In Delhi NCR, the management guys are only concerned about how to please the bureaucrats and VIP. And obviously, they don’t provide the needed musical equipment. Nor do they provide the technical staff which the artists require. Result?

None of the artists want to perform here in the first place.

6. Not a professional city


Of course, you know that already. Delhi is a chill city. The people here never bother to use the infrastructure for good. For them, it’s too much pain in the ass. So, they chill and hope that if somehow, some artist agrees, they will just try to make it work.

Otherwise, if it gets canceled, good for us. We will get back to chilling.

7. Pollution level = Pro

music concert

The last concert that happened in Delhi NCR was Bryan Adams concert. And to tell you the truth, even Adams agreed to the epic pollution level by disguising the smog as a magical experience. I know he wanted to say, pollution and smog but I guess he had some respect for Delhi.

The picture certainly looked magical. (but it was all smog and pollution)

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8. Who knows when havoc gets unleashed during the concert

people running

I still remember, in the Skrillex concert that I attended, a girl died of suffocation. Yeah, someone died while the others were lost in dancing and singing. Soon, havoc unleashed and people were running from here to there.

I really don’t wish to attend any concert in Gurgaon. Like seriously.

In Conclusion:

Delhi NCR has a huge infrastructure, it has a massive fan following for international artists and a swarm of excited folks who want to be a part of the concert.

But because of the few hiccups like lack of cooperation from the authorities and the non-professional behavior of the management, it always gets dicey for the artists to perform here and the event ends up getting canceled altogether.

Do you still think Delhi worthy of holding a concert?

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