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Will Initiate Ram Mandir Talks After Election Ends, Says Congress Candidate Acharya Pramod Krishnam

Everyone is trying to be responsible citizens and fulfill their rights by casting votes.

However, amidst all this, Congress is being Congress. Acharya Pramod Krishnam, (Congress candidate) is aptly justifying the tag of being from the opposition by bringing up the neverending topic of Ram Mandir.

What does this Congress candidate want to say?

Acharya Pramod Krishnam

Yesterday, he attacked BJP with the weapon of Ram Mandir and the fact that why hasn’t it been constructed yet? Going further, he added that he would initiate negotiations for the temple as soon as the election ends. He went on to give a detailed statement during the press conference at the Congress state headquarters.

According to this Congress candidate,’ A matter of faith cannot be resolved by courts. Negotiations can sort them out. I will initiate negotiations on the issue after the elections. The country’s unity and integrity can’t be compromised for such issues. It (the solution) should be amicable.’

There is definitely no feelings or concerns attached to this topic but Acharya Pramod Krishnam made it appear that his life depends on it. For those of you who don’t know about him, he is the head of Kalki Peeth in Sambhal and stood in 2014 elections from Sambhal in west UP.

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Is using Ram Mandir to attack BJP right?

ram mandir

According to Acharya, ‘The BJP promised Ram temple construction and resorted to propaganda on it. The party even sought support from people but did nothing. The previous BJP government at the center had said that it did not have a majority and will make the temple once they form a majority government.’

Adding to prove his point, he went on saying, ‘Now, they had a majority government both at the center and the state, but they did not do it (build the temple). Lakhs of people want to see Ram temple in Ayodhya. After campaigning in the city for nine days, I am shocked to see the condition of the internal crossings, streets, and markets. Some areas like Raj Bhawan area or CM residence area, or Vidhan Sabha Marg are fine, but the condition of the rest of the city is deplorable.’

Acharya maybe right on quoting the promises of BJP but it certainly isn’t powerful to forget the achievements of BJP during its reign. BJP did a lot in the last five years. And yes, they failed to construct Ram Mandir, but the nation knows what BJP did in its time of the ruling. PM Modi did much more than just wasting five years that for the entire country.

From new schemes to air strikes, building relations with world leaders and what not, BJP achieved support from every nation except a few who are not friendly terms with anyone. So, is this one Ram Mandir issue powerful enough to bring down everything that BJP and Modi did for the country? Absolutely not.

Adding to the list of false promises by Congress

Maybe, Acharya Pramod Krishnam knew this somewhere down his heart. So, he soon shifted to the real problem that he can use to bag in some votes for the elections.

He went on to explain in detail what his views and plans are about Lucknow. ‘Lucknow doesn’t look like the constituency of the union home minister. I had imagined that the interiors of Lucknow must have turned very nice. Most of my previous visits to Lucknow were from the airport to some venue, Krishnam said.

‘But now I understand the sewage system is the biggest problem; so is the drinking water as 60% of people are forced to drink contaminated water. Encroachments are another menace and police are aiding it; garbage management and disposal is a problem. Congress is winning. If I win this seat, I will work to sort out all such problems and make Lucknow a better city, he promised.

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In Conclusion:

It is only a matter of time that Ram Mandir talks will be back in hype but right now, let’s not get influenced by religion. As responsible citizens, we should cast our votes to leaders whom we think can rule our nation with dignity and not divide it on the basis of religion, caste or creed.

Don’t forget to cast your vote, this way you will save the possibility of bogus voting. 

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