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Convert PNG File To JPG With These Simple Steps For PC, Mac

Earlier, the personal computing systems were not advanced so that they can access every single file format. That’s why the very first program that every PC user purchased at the time was a file converter, which serves as a bridge between many programmes. The job was to convert different files for it to be accessed by every programme.

Well, those days are long gone and PCs now support almost every type of file format. But still, there are several circumstances which need a file format to be converted into another. Today, we have chosen a very common type of file format in which every user needs to convert their file every once in a while.

How To Convert PNG File To JPG On Windows or PCs?

PNG or Portable Network Graphics

PNG is a very common type of image file format which every online site or app demands when you are required to upload an image. This format is very much favoured by professionals because of its high compatibility, finest quality, and ability to get compressed without losing quality. But what if you require a JPG file format, well that’s also easy to do with the below steps.

How To Convert PNG File To JPG On Windows or PCs?

  • You can take the help of Paint, a graphics software that will be present in the Windows by default.
  • Launch Paint by searching for it in the start search box.
  • After that browse for your PNG file by clicking on the option ‘File’ and then select ‘Open’.
  • Then again click on File, and select Saves as.
  • Out of various options choose JPEG file format and select the output location where you want to save the file after conversion.

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How Convert PNG File To JPG On Mac?

  • Launch Finder and locate the PNG file you want to convert.
  • After double-clicking on the file it will be opened as a preview.
  • Now from the menu select File and then click on Export as.
  • In the file, format menu clicks JPEG as output.
  • Then choose the destination and click on save.

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