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Use These 5 Cooking Rules On How To Make Healthy Noodles

I love noodles and pasta.

I bet, even you have a carving of noodles and pasta after every now and then. But, can you eat noodles every day? Most of you will shout out ‘NO’ because they are unhealthy.

What if I tell you there are easy ways by which you can make healthy noodles. Yes, indeed there are cooking rules which can transform your unhealthy pasta and noodles into a delicious yet healthy meal. Here are the 5 cooking rules you need to follow-

1. Ditch the store-bought stuff

how to make healthy pasta

The store-bought pasta and noodles are filled with extra calories. The kind of oil they use also isn’t going to help you in any way. According to research, the store cooked items contain way more junk than it had 30 years ago.

Never go for store-bought pasta or noodles.

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2. Cook at home, don’t order

how to make healthy pasta

If you think that when you order food delivery, they give you the best stuff, you are sadly mistaken. The delivery restaurants don’t put any effort into loading the dish with nutrient filled veggies or lean meats. You are bound to get an oil overdose or a calorie outburst if you make it a habit to get noddles and pasta delivered.

Don’t order for home delivery, instead cook yourself at home.

3. Add lots of tomatoes

how to make healthy pasta

Now, you must be thinking if you can’t buy it form a store and can’t even order online, how are you supposed to satiate your noodle craving. What you need to do is, get a packet of noodles or pasta and cook it at home. By adding lots of tomatoes, you get ample amount of lycopene and essential vitamins needed for everyday diet.

This will not only make your dish yummy but also super healthy.

4. Have it fresh, or go home-made

How to make healthy noddles

It might seem like a herculean task to made homemade noodles and pasta but it isn’t. Also, understand that by cooking it at home, you will keep a check on the amount and type of oil. Also, you will not add unnecessary spices to upset your stomach. As a  result, you will tingle your tastes buds without harming your body.

So, buy it from a store where it made every day or make it yourself.

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5. Follow the 50-50 rule religiously

How to make healthy noddles

This is the most important rule of noodle and pasta making. No matter what type of pasta you use, just keep a check that you have a 50: 50 ratio. A packet of noodles needs to have almost the same amount of veggies that includes- broccoli, tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, olives, kale, spinach, etc.

This will make your noddle and pasta healthy as well as give you ample protein and carbohydrate.

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Pasta la Vista:

These simple and easy cooking rules will transform a calorie rich and oily noodle dish into something that is healthy. Just keep an eye on the type of oil and vegetables you choose to pair with your dish. The more veggies, the better. Add less cheese, if you want to keep a check on your weight.

On that note, happy noodles to you!

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