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10 Cool Ways To Beat The Scorching Summer Heat

Heat…Steam…Sweat – accompanied by an itchy feeling all over.

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We are already fed up of the redundant amount of Vitamin D being showered from the skies. The temperature seems to be in competition with ‘God Knows What’ and just doesn’t seem to have any mercy on the realm of the living.

heat irritated man

But as they rightly say- “Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” And so- here we are, stuck on the mercy of air conditioners, ice cubes and other coolants to take off the heat and make us civilized once again.

Check out these 10 cool ways to stop you from becoming a primitive soul. (*Coz who would not want to roam around nude or chill in a forest lake? RIGHT?)


Several things make you feel hot, grumpy and just- not HAPPY. In addition to the ruthless heat, what you eat also affects your core body temperature. So, if you eat hot and heavy food- the result will be the same. You too – will feel HOT and STUFFED from inside. Try keeping the spice intake to a minimum and eat things like – fruits, dark leafy veggies, yogurt etc to lower down your body heat.


With the ever rising heat, you can also bring the temperature down a notch by switching to cotton clothing. Not only it looks classy AF, but also keeps your body cool. Moreover, the trend of Khaadi and Cotton is on top of the charts now. So, why not beat the summer with style? Go cotton and see your cool quotient helping you fight this heat with groove!


With much loss of fluids in the form of sweat, you need to keep a note that your body temperature isn’t surpassing the normal limit. (FYI-*don’t let yourself turn into an oven and burst out in flames *) To avoid from being caught up in such situation, keep drinking lots of water. Keep a sipper handy and refill it frequently. And by lots- we mean- Literally LOTS or be ready to be destroyed by the flare. Choice is yours!!


Sitting in the comfort of an AC breeze is what we dream of nowadays. But do you have any idea that by doing so – you are increasing the overall temperature of the surroundings? Millions of Air conditioners work day and night, adding up to the already blazing heat and thereby causing additional global warming. But, what can be done about it? Switch to DIY fans, coolers, indoor cooling plants, curtains and other loopholes to cool your house.


Might sound crazy (but it is an Egyptian method!) that works wonders when you are tossing and turning on your bed – not able to sleep. All you need to do is soak your bed-sheets and spin it enough to make sure it’s not dripping wet. Now, sleep on your regular bed-sheets (preferably cotton sheets- as it is cooler) covering yourself with the damp one. This will keep you cool and give you sweat free dreams! *wink*

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If you are blessed enough to not go to work every weekday- just …DON’T step out. Period. True, that most of you cannot have the option to skip work every day- but- try and stay indoors. There is no moron who would like to bake themselves in the SUN OVEN, but still- if you fall in the category of them – ‘Working Class’, you’re screwed my friend! However, make sure that you do not keep coming out of the AC to the SAHARA DESSERT outdoors. The sudden temperature drop can severely affect you. So keep this in mind and act wisely. (*skip that Sutta break and stay the hell inside!)


This summer don’t forget to buy your BFF ‘Sun repellent’- choose a sunscreen that goes with your skin type. And for god’s sake, don’t’ forget to APPLY it. Raise your hand if you keep forgetting to apply sunscreen before stepping out. (lol) To avoid this, keep the sun screen inside your washroom and apply all over your body after shower. Also, keep a small bottle in your bag in case you are a Gajni fan. Just so you know- sunscreen should be applied 45 min before stepping out in the sun. 😉


Keep your windows and doors closed when the sun is at its optimum. But, as the sun sets- open your windows and keep aside the curtains in order for the air to roam around. Make sure that the hot air inside the room finds an exit. This cross ventilation along with an ice bowl in front of the cooler will work wonders. Try for yourself and feel the temperature drop. After all, old school is never out of fashion! Aye!


Be it herbal tea or a soap- herbs come with traditional and medical advantages. Mint, chamomile, dandelion leaf, hibiscus, and raspberry leaf fall under the cooling herbs and can be used as per your need. You can use mint in a lemonade or use mint based lotions and soaps to bring down your body temperature. In addition, these herbs smell amazing. What else do you need, RIGHT?


The YOGA is a trend setter nowadays, but who knew it can cool you down? The tongue-rolling technique used for breathing supposedly brings down the body temperature. All you need to do is roll your tongue and inhale with your mouth (unless- you are an alien and don’t know what a tongue is) Now exhale with your nose and feel the stressful heat leaving your body. Best part is you can do it absolutely ANYWHERE. Go on. Try it out!!

Follow these tips and keep your summer chill alive- and just to console you poor souls- ‘WINTER IS COMING’!!!

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