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How Free Wi-Fi At The Railway Stations Have Changed The Life Of This Coolie (cleared UPSC)

You would have visited railway station at least once in your life time. And there is no way that you did not encounter those red wearing super humans who will carry all of your luggage on their shoulders. But there is one coolie in that lot, you might have come across who had earphones all along.

Who that is:

His name is Sreenath K.  You will find him hustling on Ernakulam station in Kerala.

With weight on his shoulders and headphones in his ears, he is making a living and listening his digital classes simultaneously. That too SMOOTHLY!

What sort of digital classes,

Well, anything that gives him knowledge to clear competitive exams like UPSC.

Clearing UPSC is no child’s play, even for someone who is always surrounded by books and with infinite resources.

Does this remind you of a famous dialog form Raanjhanaa movie.

upsc dialogue raanjhanaa

Ambidextrous would be a small word to describe Sreenath.

He is occupied with lot of things. His mind is never free. His hands are never free. He is always rushing and negotiating to find his next customer. But in all of this, his focus is never lost.

As per Sreenath, he has appeared for the civil service exams thrice. He simply puts his earphones and listen to the digital classes. As he carries the luggage and glide through the public, he solves his questionnaire in his mind. While in the night, his revision work begins in the free time.

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Where is he from

He is from a small town called Munnar in Western ghats.

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Sreenath gives a lot of credit to free Wi-fi at the railway stations. He says that it didn’t just help him in filling online examination form but also helped him save a handsome chunk of his money which he had to spend on buying books and mock papers.

coolie on railway station
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He cannot quit his job because he has a family to feed. Which is why, he said he will continue to study like this. Just with the help of free wi-fi, earphones and his phone.

His aspirations

Sreenath believes that if he appears for enough number of exams, he is bound to get a good job. He aims to become a person of authority who has the power to change things for his village.

Have you come across with any other such person who you feel are special in their own way?


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