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Cop Gets Mercilessly Beaten By Youth- Video Goes Viral

Last week, a video that showed a cop being bashed by a boy and girl surfaced in Chandigarh. This incident supposedly took place in Sector 22, where a by-passer was smart enough to capture this incident.

As per the eye-witness, the cop was taken away to some other place after this incident. Who knows what else happened and actually who was responsible?

But, it clearly seems like the fear of law and authority is decreasing day-by-day. With such incidents taking place in broad daylight, who knows what next?

Moreover, the question is – if a cop can’t keep himself safe, how do we expect cops to keep us safe?

Or, was it a stunt to make a viral video??? It could be a common man disguised as Police to create this video. Who knows, what is true in this world full of Social Media addicts.

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