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Cop’s son Thrashes and Kicks A Girl In Stomach – Yet Another Viral Video Added To The List Of Women Being Beaten

There isn’t a day that goes by when there is no news of women getting thrashed, violated and victimized at the hands of so-called protectors of law and order in the country. Whether it is a political leader in Tamil Nadu or a sub-inspector’s son in Delhi, every few days there is a shocking video surfacing which shows how barbaric these so-called powerful people can be.

What to call this incident if not pure barbarism? Another rattling video made on 2nd September 2018 has surfaced, wherein you can see yet another violent fuss created by this sapoot of a Delhi Sub-inspector beating a girl black and blue.

Cop's son thrashes woman

He slaps her, pulls her hair multiple times during the whole atrocity. And when he isn’t satisfied with that, he even kicks her with full force in her stomach which throws the girl a few feet away.

Cop's son thrashes woman

She can be seen and heard apologizing the entire time but the molester just keeps hitting her.

And the heights of shamelessness depicted by this man is when his friends are purposely shooting this unspeakable video.

Why Did they make their own video viral?

They supposedly made this video viral to threaten another girl and her family who was in a relationship with the molester named Rohit Tomar sometimes back. He has been harassing the girl and her family for some time now. And to threaten her what he can do to her as well, if she doesn’t come back to him he intentionally beat this other random girl up.

Cop's son thrashes woman

Actions are taken against him?

The video came to the notice of Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who has directed the Delhi Police to take appropriate actions. A case under section 354/506 IPC has been registered against Rohit Tomar. Efforts are being made for his immediate arrest.

Is that enough?

Even if the guy gets arrested and serves for some time, maybe he would get off unharmed soon as his father pulls a few strings. Doesn’t that always happen?

The case is hot but some other more baffling video will take its place in a couple of days. And soon everyone will forget about this monster and his monstrosity. Will this incident harm even a hair on his vicious head?

What gave him the right to thrash and kick a girl? What made him brave enough to commit a crime? And then make his own video viral without a threat of being arrested or punished?

Was it because he has a backing of his father? Because he is a cop’s son? So, does that give him a free pass over the law and order?

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History keeps repeating itself

These incidents will not stop unless these politicians, cops, their relatives stop thinking themselves above the law. And they wouldn’t stop thinking because they know we have a weak system that helps the criminals and harasses the victims.

It is not the only incident which has come into the limelight, it is just a repetition of what these people with strong backgrounds have always been doing. And getting off with minimal punishment or with some utterly baffling loophole in the legal system.

Questions we need to ask

1. One question remains a mystery though. Will, the Delhi police take appropriate action against the son of a sub-inspector?
2. Or, like always this criminal of the law will be saved by the corrupt and biased system and its police officers.
3. Will the system and law fail that poor girl yet again?
4. Is the other girl, the ex-girlfriend of Rohit Tomar safe?
Nothing we can do but wait and watch. We hope Mr. Rajnath Singh doesn’t forget all about it like most of us will.


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