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Internet Is Roasting Disha Patani For Her Copy-Paste Error

The fun world of social media is also unforgiving at times. Yes, we all love to stay online to catch up with the world as it gives a very good opportunity for media agencies and brand to target their desired audience at once.

Though, for that, they need a social media influencer (a famous celeb or person on social media who got a huge following), who will do the brand promotion.

But it is not that easy. There is a problem with being a pretty face and a social media influencer. They already have beauty and hence, have a massive following. Unfortunately, what they miss is the most important thing- the brain. Same goes with the Disha Patani.

Social media can’t help but react on the Disha Patani’s latest Instagram post. She created a major copy-paste error in her latest paid promotion post.

What exactly happened?

copy-paste error

In her latest paid promotion post with a mobile brand, Disha Patani made a massive blunder by copy and pasting the text that was meant as a message for her.

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The copy-paste error

The message read, “Hey – final video is here. Will mail you the high res video in something so please use that as the final video to be uploaded. Caption below,”. Now, instead of treating as a message which Disha was supposed to, she posted the same as the caption along with the video on her Instagram account.

The post has been deleted now. But unfortunately, some people already witnessed her stupidity. Doing things like this makes her a nightmare for social media agencies.

Although the post was deleted and re-uploaded again to fix the copy-paste error. But, for whatever time it was online, it was enough for netzines to spot the mistake and begin the epic troll of this no-brainer beauty.

Here are some of the best tweets that are made for:

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In Conclusion:

Copy pasting is not enough, even when you are trying to cheat (your fans), you need to use your brain. She is not the only Indian celebrity who tried to cheat their fans with the false promotions. Last year netzines spotted Anushka Sharma, doing promotion of the Google Pixel 2 with her iPhone. LOL.

Lord have some mercy on the agencies! 

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