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Coronavirus Cases Cross 1,200, 41 Reported Dead

The mystery coronavirus is expanding in full pace. As per reports, China has confirmed over 1200 cases of people affected by virus. Out of this 41 cases of death have been reported.

On Saturday a jump to 1,287 was recorded in the number of cases. The Chinese authorities are closing down cities to prevent the expansion of the virus. The data which has come from the country’s 29 provinces hints another serious thing.

Source: IndyStar

Out of over 1200 cases, 237 are in serious conditions. Recently the news of 25 Indian being trapped in Wuhan also surfaced. The Indian embassy in Bejing is coordinating with them. The virus that had its outbreak from Hubei spreads through transmission.

Source: The Journal Times

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Cases of people affected by the virus in Mumbai and Singapore have been reported. Airports across India and the world are conducting thorough checks of those coming from China.

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