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‘Coronavirus’ Panic Is Dumb, Says Elon Musk

As the Coronavirus has spread across over 90 countries causing over 3,000 deaths globally the scare of it is quite high. As the world is suffering from the deadly virus a tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk has surprised many.

The SpaceX founder on Friday tweeted that, ” The coronavirus panic is dumb”. This sparked the netizens who were quick to take on him. The netizens took him down by saying that for “billionaires” it might not be a panic but for common man it is.

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Since the outbreak of virus Stock markets have plunged and concerns have led to shortages of face masks, disinfectants, and other items. Companies across the world are changing the way they work, asking and requiring employees to work from home, for instance, and stopping corporate travel. The stocks of Musk’s own firm Tesla are down more than 20% since the news of the virus outbreak triggered.

Elon Musk

Thus, the remarks from him came as a shock. However, many who follow Musk know him of being outspoken on his Twitter account. Here is how the netizens reacted to his tweet:

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