Coronavirus ‘Vaccine’ Would Be Out By September, Say British Scientists

While the World Health Organization (WHO) is still saying that it would take 12 more months British scientists say September. Yes, British scientists have claimed that the Coronavirus vaccine would be out by September this year.

Scientists from Oxford University are quite sure of there claim. Sarah Gilbert from the university says that they were working on preparing a vaccine for a ‘pandemic’. They were working on it before the ‘coronavirus‘ outbreak and at that time named the pandemic as ‘X’.

Coronavirus vaccine

She said that 12 trials of the vaccine are done using ChAdOx1 technology. Unlike the two or more doses that are required through the RNA and DNA technique ChAdOx1 has shown result in one dose only, said Sarah. She informed that the clinical trials of vaccine have begun.

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Professor Sarah said that 1 million doses would be available of the vaccine by September. The confidence in the Oxford team is such that they began its production even before the ‘clinical trials’ begun. The idea they say is to not wait till September when the clinical trials would be over. The trial would be conducted in 3 phases.

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