15 Strips From ‘Corporat Comics’ Will Surely Tickle The Corporate Slave Within You

Do you work in a corporate company?

Are you also a slave of the fast boosting, never sleeping corporate world? If yes, welcome to the cult ‘Corporat Comics’, an Instagram page that is a comic series based on real corporate life stories.

Here, you don’t sulk into the corners of darkness when your boss thrashes your expectations of pay raise in the meeting. Instead, you take pride in extracting humor out of excel sheets and office politics. It is a page that will give you the best dose of corporate jokes and help you get over the office stress.

Check it out and see for yourself, how hilarious (not) is a corporate life-

1. Office gossip

corporate jokes

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2. So, this is the reason behind a campaign fail

corporate jokes

3. And when you have to ask for a leave

corporate jokes

4. The mid-week sucks and here’s the solution

corporate jokes

5. When the boss demands innovation

corporate jokes

6. When a client says,’ Take as much time you want’ to work on the brief

corporate jokes

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7. Lost something?

corporate jokes

8. The reply-all ‘ers

corporate jokes

9. Monday blues at its best

corporate jokes

10. New lingo is stupid. It Seems.

corporate jokes

11. Every office story

corporate jokes

12. Don’t fall for it

corporate jokes

13. Makes sense?

corporate jokes

14. Every single time

corporate jokes

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15. Choice is yours. LOL

corporate jokes

In Conclusion:

There, there. I know you must be grinning and crying with one eye, because hey, that’s what it feels like when you work in this industry. And no matter how much you hate your job, you somehow still love it. These corporate jokes by Corporat can be your best buddy when you are amidst the office bullshit.

So, whenever you get stressed and want a narrow escape for a few minutes, these corporate jokes will be your go-to place.

Enjoy it and relate with the jokes that tickle your corporate nerve!!

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