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This Is How Much It Will Cost For Mars Trip, It Is Cheaper Than Expected

Every major space research center in the world is trying to send humans to space (mars).

ISRO, NASA and not to forget SpaceX – all of them are planning to explore space with humans involved in it. Though, among all these SpaceX, is the most controversial name.

Elon Musk is predicting that by 2024 they will start offering rides to the mars. Seeing his efforts everyone seems to be very intrigued. Believe it or not but Musk is quite determinant about his plans. No wonder, we all are equally excited to witness that day. Many people also want to experience the feeling of taking this planetary ride.

In case you too fall in the same category and want to have that experience, the good news is that the cost for Mars trip is out now.

Really? Bet it’ll cost too much

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You must have expected it to be at least billions and millions of dollars per ticket, right?

Well, it’s cheaper than what you would have expected. Recently Elon Musk twitted the achievement of their raptor engine that read “Raptor just achieved power level needed for Starship & Super Heavy.”

For those who don’t know raptor engines are getting designed to power the Starship & Super Heavy (Spaceships that are going to use to carry humans to Mars). Super Heavy spaceship with 31 raptor engines will be used to lift the spaceship.

But how much it actually cost for trip to Mars?

In the comment thread of Elon’s tweet revealing the success of raptor engine, @SPEXcast (twitter handle) commented: “What are the estimated costs for tickets to Moon/Mars accounting for reusability?”

To which Elon replied by saying, “one day it will cost less than $500,000 and I believe it can possibly cost $100,000 and not to forget the return ticket is free.”

So, an Indian will have to pay somewhere around 3.5 crores per ticket. Which isn’t expensive if you consider the amount of wealth the rich people have occupied in this country. It’s as easy a buying a high-end branded watch or bag.

He believes that the cost for a trip to Mars is low enough that a family with a modern economy can easily move to Mars. Selling their belonging at Earth would be enough to start a new life at Mars. He also mentioned that the final cost will depend on the number of passengers.

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In Conclusion:

SpaceX will be sending the first mission to Mars carrying cargo in 2022. The main objective of this mission is to confirm the water sources and identify hazards. Along with this, the mission will also focus on setting a life support system by installing means of power and mining.

The second mission will be launched in 2024 but this time carrying cargo along with the human crew.

So in case you are curious to explore the space, you know how much you need to safe.

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