Pocket-Friendly Holiday? Here’re Countries Where Indian Rupee Values More Than The Local Currency

Jealously smears our face when we see the Americans or British travelling in India without hurting their pocket, and how? Well, just because their currency values more than ours thus allowing them the luxury to get more for less.

Well, we can’t change the value of the currency as of now. But doing our research, we could have had surely scooped out for you a list of countries where India Rupee (INR) is stronger or say values more than the local currency. And that’s exactly what we did. Have a look:

1. Indonesia

The country that owns the luxuries of Bali and its perfect beaches can also make you feel filthy rich. 1 Indian Rupee in Indonesia is approx 192 Indonesian Rupiah. Also, Indonesia offers Indians the facility of visa on arrival thus adding to the reasons why you must soon backpack to Indonesia.

2. Cambodia

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Home to the largest Hindu religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat, Cambodia is a vibrant city where the Indian currency is strong enough. 1 Indian Rupee in Cambodia is approx 55.51 Cambodian riel, meaning a budget-friendly trip on the cards.

3. Japan

Japan has these world-celebrated cities, including Tokyo, that you can visit without hurting your pocket. 1 Indian Rupee in Japan values slightly more than the Japanese Yen at approx 1.42 Yen.

4. Paraguay

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If not America, you can surely find yourself in South America in this beautiful country Paraguay. Attractions like Iguazú Falls and Capital de Carnaval in Paraguay make it a tourist hotspot, allowing tourists the best of adventures. 1 Rupee is equal to 94.53 Paraguayan Guarani.

5. Iceland

Beholding the northern lights in Iceland makes it to the wish list of many. And for whoever thought that the adventure come at a huge price, surprise!! The adventure, won’t. hurt your pocket as 1 rupee in Iceland is 1.77 Icelandic Króna thus the never ever take off the country from your bucket list.

6. Chile

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Mountains, forests, beautiful trees, farms, rivers, lush green valleys, vineyards are everything that makes Chile. If a lover of sitting by the river to seek the pleasures of nature, then Chile is on budget with 1 INR equalling 9.89 Chilean Peso.

7. South Korea

One Indian Rupee accounts for a 15.05 South Korean won. The country does not only makes an Indian feel rich but also has their eyes wide open as it showcases its kitty of popular sightings.

8. Laos

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All these countries that used to sound expensive won’t from today. They honestly are cheaper, especially Laos with 1 INR equalling 127.51 Laotian Kip.

9. Sri Lanka

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No excuse would be tolerated (other than mummy nhi janne degi) if you don’t visit don’t this beautiful island country that Sri Lanka is. Tucked under India, the country entertains coastal towns loaded with flora and fauna that you would want to behold over and over again.

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