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Migrate To These Countries To Lead The Happiest Life

Don’t we realize the importance of being happy from time to time?

happiness quotes

While for some, making big piles of money is happiness, for some running a successful business is happiness and for some a laidback life is how they define as happiness. What if I combine all of these factors and share with you some countries, people of which are claimed to be the happiest in the world.

A 2018 survey for the UN revealed a list of countries ranking them on the scale of how happy they are.

If you are too searching for happiness in life, this post will help you land in one of those countries where you can end your search and seek what you want!

An info-graphic in the end is a bonus read!

1. Finland

Finland happy country
A breathtaking landscape of Finland

2. Norway

Norway happy country
Midnight Sun Reflection in Lofoten, Norway

3. Denmark

Denmark happy country
Colorful houses of Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Switzerland

Switzerland happy country
Greens, Mountains and a blissful road

5. Netherlands

Netherlands happy country
What could be more calming then this? Free from any sort of pollution.

While India is at 133rd position with a score barely crossing 4.1, these five countries are leading the herd with a score above 7. If you want to grab a quick bite on why they tend to lead in the happiness index.

Check Out The Info-graphic To Know Some Interesting Things About These Happiest Countries

infographic of happiest countries

We would love to know your dream country where you visualize yourself living!! Share this post with whom you plan to move to these happy and peaceful countries.


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