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“Couples Who Sleep Apart Grow Apart”; A Study Reveals

A survey says that only 14% of couples sleep in separate beds every night. While many of us believe that “couples who sleep apart grow apart” and the studies reveal this contrary true.

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Couples Having A Bad Night’s Sleep Are Likely To Argue

Sharing a bed with a spouse who has disturbed sleep behavior can gazump your 49 minutes of sleep per night; a study says. If one spouse doesn’t get a good sleep at night because of the other, it almost leads to a fight the next day.

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The study says that couples having a bad night’s sleep have more frequent and serious disputes than couples who wake up well-rested. On the other hand, people who get enough sleep have lower stress levels and more likely to be cheerful.

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It Can Be Damaging To Your Relationship To Resent Your Partner Because You Can’t Get a Decent Night’s Sleep

Fidgeting, snoring, and hogging the blanket or bed are just some of the numerous reasons – why some couples prefer to sleep in separate beds or even bedrooms. Jennifer Adams, author of “Sleeping Apart, Not Falling Apart” says sleeping in separate bedrooms can help a relationship grow by ensuring that both couples get enough sleep.

Sleep In Separate Bed Or Bedrooms Due To Opposing Sleeping Habits

A well-known social worker, Tina Cooper, and her partner use to sleep in separate bedrooms because of their sleeping arrangements. She says, “I’m a night owl, and he’s an early bird.” To sleep, I need soothing sounds, he prefers solitude. 

Source: USA Today

Several factors like marital satisfaction, daytime functioning, psychological and physical health can all be influenced by the way in which you spend your night. Sleeping in different beds or bedrooms with your loved one ensures that you and your partner will have a private space to unwind after a long day. Also, you both can meet your needs without any tiptoe around.

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