Critical Warning for Android Users: Do Not Open This WhatsApp Link

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. To enhance and protect the user experience, the Meta-owned software includes a variety of exciting features and privacy options. 

WhatsApp is also often updated to improve the user experience, add features, strengthen security, and resolve bugs. Despite its enhanced user experience and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp remains susceptible to momentary problems, such as a recent issue that caused its Android app to crash on smartphones.

It is now working with a bug that is causing its Android app to crash, according to Android Authority. The issue is activated when users enter an individual or group conversation with the URL This URL should ordinarily open the WhatsApp app’s settings page, however, it is currently causing Android device crashes.

The problem appears to affect both individual and group communications, including those sent via WhatsApp Business. According to the complaint, viewing a chat with the issue link causes the app to crash, but the app then restarts normally unless you return to that specific message thread.

The issue has been reported to affect the version of WhatsApp for Android, however, other versions may also be affected.

How To Fix Your WhatsApp Bug

If you are having a similar issue, there is a simple remedy. This bug does not appear to affect WhatsApp Web, the WhatsApp browser version. As a consequence, you may enter WhatsApp Web via your browser and delete the message or chat that triggered the crash. Unless you receive the same incorrect link again, WhatsApp on your phone will not crash after that.

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