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Cross Sea: Where Waves Are Square In Shape

What picture appears in your mind when you hear the word, ‘Waves’?

A small circular wave or a large gigantic rush of seawater coming towards the shore, right? But what if I tell you that there are a few places on earth where two wave systems travel at oblique angles and create a wave that looks like a square.

Yeah, a Cross sea does that. The waves in this part of the sea are square. Just like you have on your regular chess-board, something of that sort. And they are formed naturally when the weather conditions are right.

Where can you witness this magic?

This beautiful and magical phenomenon occurs on a small island off the west coast of France. And you can be lucky enough to witness some of the most remarkable ocean patterns on the planet.

The Isle of Rhé is renowned for this bizarre event and is also famous for its pristine beaches and pleasant weather. For the same reason, it draws tourists from all over Europe.

But if you can’t travel that far, here are the best picture of the cross sea phenomenon, which will definitely amaze you-

1. A square wave is a thing of beauty because it’s quite rare.

2. However, they are also highly dangerous.

3.  It is the most popular tourist attractions on the Isle of Rhe in France.

4. As it is a grand show of the force of nature.

cross sea


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5. Cross waves form a strange pattern because of their movement.

6. They appear grid-like and square.

7. And these waves make the ocean look like a chessboard.

8. It takes place because the two seas meet in that specific area.

9. The merger of two different waves creates the cross sea phenomenon.

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10. Cross sea is a result of the ocean being affected by the weather.

cross sea


In Conclusion:

Undoubtedly, the Cross sea is a very strange phenomenon and for the same reason, it is a rare one. This is because the ocean rarely gets affected in this specific way by the weather and ends up forming the conditions which are required for a cross sea formation.

So, if you plan to visit France, just pray that mother nature favors you and you can witness this awesome sea -phenomenon.

Just make sure you aren’t stuck in one because that would really be hazardous. 
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