Cruel: North Korea Has Ordered Its Citizens To Give Up Their Pet Dogs To Overcome Meat Shortage

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered the citizens of the country to give up their pet dogs to overcome the shortage of meat. The shortage in the country’s restaurants is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The leader tried to justify his stance quoting the class difference in society.

Source – ED Times

According to a report by The Mirror, North Korea being a socialist country, says that having pet dogs is a sign of “capitalism” and “bourgeois ideology.”

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Another report by a South Korean newspaper, the North Korean leader has even banned the selling of dogs for petting purposes in the country. He referred to the practice as western and ‘a tainted trend by bourgeois ideology’.

Source – Asia News

As per South China Morning Post, in 2018, North Korea had asked its citizen to give up their dogs’ fur ahead of the Party Foundation Day. Anyone who doesn’t will have to hand over the US $148 worth of rice to the state.

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The trade of North Korea has been affected due to its trade crunch with China and other countries. So now, dogs will be taken from people. Some of them will be sent to zoo, while others will be used to meet the meat demand of the restaurants.

Source – IBT Times

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The worst? It is unlikely that the pet owners will be able to refuse, since Kim Jong-un runs a tight ship in North Korea, and it can only be described as dictatorial. Many families are upset and unwilling to give up their beloved pets, but beyond that, their hands are tied.

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