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Do You Cry While Watching Shows? Here Is The Reason Why It Is Good For Health

Are you an emotional soul? Well, of course, you are.

You have had your shares of sob sessions over silly break-ups, life’s hardships and even good news sometimes. Someday, it’s even because of a show that you are watching and the hero meets a tragic death.

Some may boast that it’s a girl’s things and that true men don’t cry, but in reality, everyone has cried over one or the other thing. It might come to you as a shock but crying might actually be healthy for you.

Crying is good for health?

crying is good for health

For many, crying is a symbol of weakness but according to scientists, crying is good for health. Even though you are shedding tears over a fictional character’s death, it’s doing a good job in the background for your brain.

When you get emotional over something that doesn’t exist in reality, you are constantly boosting your morale. This happens because your brain isn’t able to differentiate between a real person and the fictional character that you have been watching. However, when something happens to the character, you feel a sudden rush of emotions as you would have in case of a real person in your life.

Your brain is capable of generating emotions concerning the character and making you cry. Though this phenomenon is termed as ‘one-directional’ relationships in psychology, you aren’t a psycho.

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Study from the University of Oklahoma

watching shows and crying is good for health

A detailed study was conducted behind finding out if crying is good for health. After prolonged research, they found out that these emotions that you express over a fictional character tend to boost your levels of self-confidence.

The feeling of loneliness will be reduced. When you watch the character feeling sad, you will associate with it just like you would have in real life. This relationship might even lead you to shed a tear or two when he or she faces some hardships. But all that matter is a little crying is good for health.

The scientific term for this phenomena is ‘meta-emotions’ which can be loosely translated to experiencing unreal tragedy. This can even have an effect on your judgment levels and reading others thoughts.

Also, it will allow you to have a better hold on your emotions in real life. This is because you have experienced a million scenarios through shows and felt it too.

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Don’t overdo it


Crying is good for health, but only when you don’t do it every day. Watching shows and developing fictional relationships might prepare you for real life, but you actually need to live it as well. Connect with your friends more often and relate to real scenarios.

Don’t let these create any sort of mental distress in your life. Avoid spending too much time glued to your laptop or TV screen. Keep a healthy social life and keep in touch with your friends. Remember, crying is good for health but just don’t overdo and create a life inside shows.

Live in the real world and feel it as much as you do in the shows.

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