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Crypto Gift Cards: Versatile Gift Options

Internet is flooding with blogs talking about gifting ideas for Christmas and New Year. Crypto Gift Cards might be a good option.

Clothes, shoes, wallets have become a thing of yesterday. People these days prefer to get financial gifts that can serve as long term investment to them.

Crypto currency like Ethereum, Bitcoin have gained a lot of popularity among people. This virtual currency looks promising and most importantly it looks into the future.

People have made good profits out of them and the market has been increasing every day. More and more people want to invest their hard earned money into crypto currencies to make profits.

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Crypto coins are versatile option for gifting. You can purchase them and give it to someone as a new year present. You can send coins to a person who is sitting in any part of the world without hassle of duties and customs.

How good is that! There are few ways in which you can gift crypto coins to someone.

Check them out.

Crypto Gift Cards

They are very similar to retail gift cards. Go to a website that is selling Crypto gift cards. Buy the coins with the amount you want to send as a gift. When transaction will get completed, you will receive a gift card. Share it with your loved one. To redeem the coins, they will go on same website. Create an account and they will get the coins in their digital wallet after entering details of gift card. Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood and CashApp are selling them.

Crypto Exchanges

You can gift coins through a Crypto exchange. Recipient should have account on same exchange. And you can send the coins directly in their account. If the recipient does not have an account on that crypto exchange, they can easily make one. Who doesn’t loves financial gifts these days?

Hardware Wallets

You need to understand how Hardware wallets work. They are safest mode and are safer than online wallets. You go to a crypto exchange and buy hardware wallet which is a USB stick. When you will add coins in it you will get a private key. Upon receiving the USB stick and private key the person can receive crypto gift.

Paper Wallets

You will have to go to a website that generates paper wallet. It is a piece of paper with QR code and keys that can be used to redeem coins. Any person can redeem it by scanning QR code. This is little insecure and you might consider options given above.

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