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Recently got viral, a video captured a cyclist narrowly escaping a train collision in Netherlands. The video was uploaded by ProRails so that their citizens will be more cautious while crossing the railway line.

What has happened?

cyclist narrowly escaping a train collision

This incident occurred a few weeks back. Though the video was made viral by the ProRails just recently. In the video, a cyclist can be seen waiting at the unguarded railway crossing, waiting for the locomotive to get passed.

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Unaware of its surrounding the cyclist starts to cross the track, as soon as the first train passed him. Though, he was not aware of the freight that was coming from the opposite side of the track.

cyclist narrowly escaping a train collision

By the time he realized that second train is coming from the opposite side, he was already on the track. In an attempt to save his life, cyclist raised the pace and barely manage to cross the track while the train passes from his behind.

Pheeewww… nothing happened to him. But, the moment was certainly heart wrenching and you can say that it was his lucky day.

Geert Vlogman, manager and stakeholder of the ProRails asked people to pay more attention to their surroundings while crossing the rail tracks. Because of these powerful machines, it is very hard for a train driver to avoid the collision.

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In Conclusion:

ProRails made this video of cyclist narrowly escaping a train collision go viral, just so that Dutch citizens won’t cross rail tracks carelessly. India faces this same problem all the time, but do you think Indian Railways can also use this idea of ProRails to avoid accidents?

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