This Country Will Bear All Your Expenses If You Get COVID-19 While Holidaying There As It Opens Tourism

Despite the fact that many countries are easing restrictions after curbing or controlling the spread of coronavirus, the biggest challenge remains to get the economies back on track. And one way to do this is to allow tourism.

However, convincing people to travel in a virus-infected world could be a problem. Therefore, countries are coming up with different schemes to lure people to travel and Cyprus is no exception.

Recently, Cyprus said that it would allow travelling in the country for the people of 19 other counties that are currently at low risk. And it will also cover the costs for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 while on vacation there. 

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As per the reports, the eastern Mediterranean island country has reserved a 100-bed hospital for anyone who is found positive of the virus.
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A letter was sent to governments, airlines and tour operators, revealing that the patients’ families and close contacts will stay at a 500-room ‘quarantine hotel’. The report added that the country will cover all the bills of the family and the patient except for repatriation flights and taxis to airports.  

Source – USA Today

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Cyprus is famous for its natural beauty, beaches, wines and is among the famous destinations for Europeans. However, while traveling, like every other country, one will have to follow social distancing norms. Regular safety measures will be taken by the authorities to keep you safe.

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You will also have a carry a medical certificate asserting that you have tested negative of the virus before landing in Cyprus. As of June 1, Cyprus had 943 positive cases of COVID-19 and 17 deaths in the Greek south

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