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D-Factor – 9 Dark Personality Traits And How You Can Check Yours

It is true that few people knowingly want to associate themselves to a darker side of the human mind. This phenomenon that we see in psycho movies is actually a real phenomenon. And it is safe to say that you may also have a dark cell in your body.

If somebody tells you that you have a dark side you might recoil and protest in response. But when something happens against your will, you might demonstrate such malevolent traits which are categorized under dark trait.
Dark side of Human

That doesn’t mean you are a psychopath but it isn’t completely undeniable either.

The measure of these traits in your personality defines which side of the net you fall on.

What is D-Factor?

The D-factor, as defined by the research teams of Denmark and Germany is the basic tendency of a person’s selfish fulfillment at the cost of other’s loss. Basically, going to any lengths for the selfish goals, even if it means hurting others, is the D-Factor (Dark personality factor).

Let’s check out those nine dark personality traits which are the common denominators in identifying people with D-Factor as per the research:

1. Narcissism


Do you have a grandiose view of your own talents? Have you always crave for admiration? Do you really care a lot about your physical appearance?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all the above questions, most likely you have this negative trait in your blood.

Bottom line- If you are extremely self-obsessed, look down on others, have delusions of your own supremacy, you are most definitely a narcissist.

2. Egoism


Do you feel that you are rude sometimes? Do you hold an extraordinary level of pride? Are you difficult to handle?

Just answer honestly, and think if you can relate to any one of these questions and get a ‘Yes’ from within.

Bottom line- The excessive need of putting your own pleasure or advantage above anything else, at the expense of the other’s well-being is also egoism.

3. Machiavellianism


Do you hold a cynical disregard for morality? Have you focused on self-interest and personal gain?

If you think you are manipulative, and in order to get something, you can even fall to the limits of being callous and brutal, you have something dark within you.

Bottom line- If you are a formidable mind with calculative abilities to benefit oneself, or do any of the things mentioned above, you know what you are

4. Psychological entitlement

Psychological entitlement

When things don’t happen according to you, do you get upset? Do you get angry if you don’t receive something in return for a contribution?

These traits can be found in people who have psychological entitlement embedded deep within them.

Bottom line- If you think you are entitled to more than others, that you deserve a better treatment than others. You feel you are superior. You have this trait, for sure.

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5. Moral disengagement

Moral disengagement

Have you ever tried convincing yourself that ethical standards do not apply to you? Do you go out of the league and do something that should not be done?

If you think that general rules aren’t important, you portray, that you have no moral engagement with society.

Bottom line- If you are capable to behave unethically without worrying about the consequences, you are pretty much a storehouse of moral disengagement.

6. Sadism


Have you ever hurt someone, intentionally? Do you like torturing others?

If you receive immense satisfaction or happiness by seeing others in pain, you have something dark within you.

Bottom line- If you enjoy inflicting mental or emotional trauma, by displaying cruel and demeaning patterns, and you do it as a habit, then you are a sadist, nonetheless.

7. Self-interest


Do you always focus on things that you want? Have you ever pursued anything without having any regard for others?

If you have the feeling that others don’t really matter and that you are the only thing you should care about, you have this trait in you. Most likely.

Bottom line- If your life’s sole objective is to pursue material gains in terms of monetary status, social eminence, occupational success etc., above all, then you are a live example of a person with self-interest.

8. Spitefulness


Do you consider yourself a cruel person? Are you revengeful? Have you ever plotted to injure someone wrongly?

If you have had any such feelings in your heart, you are inflicted with this dark personality trait.

Bottom line- If you often portray a destructive, vindictive behavior towards others, even if it means harming yourself, your nature has a spiteful side to it.

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9. Psychopathy


Are you cunning in nature? Do you lack remorse and guilt?

On top of that, if you consider yourself to be a shallow person, you might be a psychopath.

Bottom line- You have no compassion for fellow human beings and you mostly react with reckless and brash behavior, then there is a tinge of psychopathy in you.

How to test your own malevolence?

Now that you know which factors decide whether a person has a dark side or not, are you willing to unveil the dark side of yourself or your known ones.

Check out this list and tick those you have found yourself or others doing from time to time. If there are too many checks, then you need to rethink your behavioral aspect:
Man with personalities
1. You are in a habit of manipulating people to get ahead in life, by hook or by crook.
2. You don’t mind cutting corners here and there to achieve what you want, even if it is morally wrong.
3. You see yourself as the perfect person with no flaws, and don’t work on improving your behaviour, just cause people think so.
4. You live on the principle that if someone is being mistreated, it must be their own fault or they must have done something to deserve this. You don’t believe anyone is innocent.
5. You find yourself superior to others and hence, more deserving candidate for things like power, promotion and money. You don’t hesitate to display you superiority every occasion you get.
6. You will say anything to get what you want. You can lie or boast or convince people with conviction for the fulfilment of your own wishes.
7. It feels good to see someone hurting. You take a sadistic pleasure in other’s grief.
8. You feel showing off your success or achievements is the only way to be happy with what you have. You won’t be happy with anything unless you let everyone know about it.
9. You are ready to take the necessary pains to see others getting punished or suffer. Even it means you yourself have to suffer along with them.

Points to Remember

People having shady side ooze attractiveness because they display an unconventional behavior which seems, rebellious and sexy. But do not be fooled by the glorious god-like demeanor for they harbor dark intentions beneath that cool and stimulating exterior.

Furthermore, you need to remember that the world of personalities is not purely black or white. There are at least a hundred shades of grey that decorate human personality. So, unless each of these traits has found its home in you, you still have a ray of hope of being a good person.

Did you find out how dark your own personality is?


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