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This Luscious Lady’s Mesmerizing Performance On Daaru Badnaam Is All You Would Want To Watch Today

So, here’s again a dance video that is going viral and this time It’s not the dancing uncle but a gorgeous woman from New York.

Wow! You would be smitten by her dancing skills once you watch her hot latka jhatkas on a Punjabi number, “Daru Badnaam”.

Have a look at this amazing dance video wherein this beautiful woman has made her fans go crazy with her sizzling dance moves.

Here’s the video-

Look how nimbly she moves her body with every damn beat. Her adorable smile and exquisite expressions are a thing to watch. Dancing on the streets of the NY and that too so well is not a cake walk. But she has made it happen. Applauds for her dancing skills!

Deep Brar, the young lady in the video, according to her Facebook handle, is a well-known dancer and a model. She has numerous videos lined up on youtube and has performed wonderfully on famous songs. This NY girl hails from Karnal (Punjab). And yes, she indeed looks like a tall and beautiful Jatti Punjab Di.

She has also imitated the dancing uncle who went viral for his extraordinary dance performance on Govinda’s number.

Yeah, probably now you’ve recognized this lady.

YouTube is all steamed up with her heart-fluttering dancing skills on various songs that include some of the Bollywood numbers too. From ‘Ghoomar’ to ‘Swag se krenge sabka swagat’, she has proved that she has a firm grip on the beats.

The Punjabi numbers on which she has performed and spread her magic around are- Khidi Dupehar, Qismat, Choorey Wali Bahh and many more.

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Covering the latest and old songs is a passion for this lovely lady and she is best at it. Her new video “Daaru Badnaam” has earned her more than 84k viewers till now. The appreciations she gets from her fans is a true motivation for her to keep on dancing and entertaining us.

Check out more dance video in which she is looking smoking hot:






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