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Watch The Viral Video Of Dad Dragging Daughter, It’s Hilarious

Sometimes I wonder, what kind of parent I’ll become when I grow up. I don’t want to be a strict dad, I want them to think of me as their cool friend.

But the question is how will I do that? And just like me, if you are also wondering what kind of dad you’ll become, this viral video of a dad dragging daughter by her pink hoodie can give you all the inspiration you need.

What’s this all about?

dad dragging daughter

Recently, a video captured on New Year’s Day at the Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia has gone viral. The video was showing a dad dragging daughter by her pink hood.

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Some might raise concern and talk about calling authorities and ask them to take action. Some may even call it child abuse and throw hate vibes towards the man. But I think, he is the coolest dad of 2019 so far.

dad dragging daughter

And hey, you can’t call it child abuse. The video clearly shows that the girl was not screaming or resisting. In fact, she seems to have a good time while acting like a trolly bag.

So, was he traveling alone?

Err, no. This unknown dad does have another daughter, who is elder than the one who is being dragged. The video shows that the elder daughter is kinda embarrassed by the action of her little sis. Which is why she is walking at a distance from her dad and little sissy.

No-one knows what’s the real story yet, but my speculations are that the girl might have been giving a hard time to his dad when the boarding had already started. And sure, nobody wants to miss their flight. Especially, if they are with their family.

dad dragging daughter

This dad didn’t have time to deal with little girls attitude. So, he did what he used to do during his school times. He acted cool and came up with something that would make the child happy and sort out his issue simultaneously. And that’s how this hilarious viral video of dad dragging daughter came out. Don’t you agree that it is the outcome of coolness?

You can make someone a parent but you can’t change their personality. And this guy from the video, he is cool. Actually, he is super cool.

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Watch the video here:

In Conclusion:

If you have seen this video, you’d agree with me that there is no child abuse in the video. Also, if you are a parent you know the man didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not a parent but I still get it. And I bet my child is going to get dragged in the airport like this. At least once.

I hope she doesn’t start yelling though, or I’ll be in so much trouble. LOL.

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