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Should You Get Excited For The X-Men: Dark Phoenix? As There Is No Wolverine

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer 2 just released on YouTube. Maybe not everyone, but X-men fans (those who also love to read X-men comics) are getting super excited.

Though there are a lot of people who aren’t that excited for the movie, as Wolverine won’t be the part of this X-men movie. It only going to be all about Jene Grey (Wolverine’s love interest).

The surrounding in the movie seems like it has been shot in the ’70s. Though after watching the first trailer, it is clear that the story takes place after the X-men: Days of Future and past. But should you get excited? As most of you might not like Jene anyways.

Should you get excited?

Dark Phoenix trailer

You must remember Jene Grey from the “X-men: The Last Stand,” which was the third release from the X-men franchise. No doubt, the movie was amazing but it hasn’t even scratched the surface of Jene’s story.

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It was fun, but there is a lot that non-comic fans don’t know about the X-men series. The origin story of Dark Phoneix Aka Jene Grey is one of them. Jene was there with Professor Xavier since the very beginning of the X-men cinematic universe. But all the comic fans know that Jene’s story is still not fully revealed.

If you are X-men fan (doesn’t matter if you read comics or not) then you should definitely get excited.

Why comic fans are excited?

Dark Phoenix trailer

The storyline of Jene Grey is shown in detail in the comics. She is a pure form of extraterrestrial energy called Phoneix force. Knowing that it’s not a big surprise that Fox decides to come up with a movie dedicated to Gene Grey.

The story of Jene in comics started with the Uncanny X-men (comic), issue 100, that was released in 1976. In the comic, the story starts with a dramatic space wreck, in which our heroes are trying to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere.

Powers of Jene on display

Jene telepathically learned to control the spaceship and tried to enter into the atmosphere of the earth. She also forms a kinetic field to save her friends from the fatal radiation of the solar storm. After watching the Dark Phoenix Trailer 2, it seems like the story is going to follow the same origin which arc fans have already read in comic.

In the comic, while trying to make it back to the earth, Jene sacrificed her self for saving her friends. She got fundamentally altered and disintegrated. However, she soon appeared near the crash landing of their spaceship and declared her self as the Dark Phoneix.

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Well, we have seen some sort of actions in the Dark Phoenix trailer as well. Maybe not the same exact way, but the comic book fans are pretty hyped to see this origin story of Dark Phoneix.

Check out the trailer here:

In Conclusion:

X-men is not just the story about Wolverine, it’s the story of all the other mutants who were saved by Professor Xavier. Maybe you might have never read any X-men comics, but X-Men: Dark Phoenix, will help you know more about the X-men’s universe.

Comic fans are expecting this is going to be the best origin story of a comic hero in the live-action form and you should get excited as well.

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