Dawki Lake – The Cleanest River in Asia; Check Spectacular Pictures

If you are planning to visit Meghalaya, then don’t forget to see the Umngot River. The river is also known as ‘Dawki Lake’. This is one of the cleanest rivers in Asia. It is beautiful, serene, and crystal clear. It was titled the cleanest village in Asia in 2003.

Dawki River is named for a town named “Dawki”, a small town along with the India-Bangladesh border in Meghalaya. Let’s have a look at Dawki Lake (Umngot River).

Introduction To The Umngot River

The crystal clear and emerald green of the Umngot River looks completely marvellous. The river is so clean and clear that rocks, swimming fish, and pebbles can be seen with naked eyes. The boats in the river look as they are floating on a lucid surface.

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The Dawki River flows into Bangladesh through Dawki village and acts as a division between the Jaintia and Khasi hills. The river passes through Mawlynnyong, which is only 78km from Shillong. Dawki has stowed away visitor’s attention and gained international fame in the past few years. There is a suspension bridge over the river for tourists to enjoy a panoramic view.

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