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11 Tips On How To Declutter Your Home Effectively

Today, everyone needs space. Me, you and even the house you live in.

But, do you know, how to declutter your home? Before getting into the basics, you should first ask yourself if you know how much trash you have been storing all across your house. Only then, you can start the process of clean up.

Each one of you has no idea about the heap of things that you have unknowingly stored in your wardrobes, your kitchen, and even your bathroom. It’s time that you should get rid of them and give some space to your sweet home. Here’s how to declutter your home effectively-

1. Plastic carry bags

how to declutter your home

I know, like most of the people, you too thought that keeping carry bags might come in handy someday. But wait, you have been thinking the same since last 5 years. Which is why now you have heaps of plastics carry bags lying around in your kitchen, on your slab, in your kitchen cabinet and what not.

Its high time you got rid of them and save some space. Also, you should find better ways to carry things instead of plastic.

2. Containers without lid

how to declutter your home

I can bet that you have at least 10 to 12 containers lying around at your place which doesn’t have a lid on top. Are they useful? Well, sort of. Only when you run out of bowls and still want to eat cereals with milk, you might end up grabbing one of those containers. But you seldom use them, right?

Just give them away to your maid or your car cleaner. This way you’ll get space and maybe some blessings.

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3. Old shoes and sandals

how to declutter your home

Yes, I know it hurts to throw your favorite pair of sandals. But it has worn out and you haven’t worn them in the last 6 months. You are also not sure if you will wear them again. So, why do you want to keep storing and cluttering your house?

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Just donate them to an orphanage maybe. And that’s how to declutter your home, you will be happy, try it.

4. Plastic forks and spoons

how to declutter your home

Oh, those cute spoons and forks that you get when you order food. They indeed look like a nice addition to your existing culinary set. But really, do you ever use them when you are at your place? You don’t and there is no point in keeping them when you are never going to use it.

Just throw them away or again, give it separately to the cleaning guy who picks up your garbage.

5. Little packets of ketchup and sugar

how to declutter your home

The little packets of sugar, ketchup, salt and pepper that you store in your cabinets, bags never really come to use. Though, every human being ends up thinking that maybe they will get to use it. Of course, that never happens and it keeps getting old and older.

Just dispose of them and you will see that your kitchen looks much cleaner.

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6. Old medicine bottles and strips

how to declutter your home

When was the last time you drank that cough syrup which is in your drawer, lying next to the strip of medicines, that you took 6 months ago because of viral? you clearly don’t remember. And you have no idea how many expired medicines are just lying around at your home.

Throw them away, because if you accidentally consume them, you’ll be in big trouble.

7. Cartons of home appliances

how to declutter your home

It has been over a year since you brought that big screen TV and washing machine. But you still have the carton stored somewhere in your house. If you really want to know how to declutter your house, you should never store things that aren’t needed anymore.

In case you shift, the Packers will get the case to transport your TV and fridge. Just throw the cartons.

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8. Pens and stationery that doesn’t work

how to declutter your home

If you count, out of 30 pens that are lying around on your study table- only 3 or 4 will be in the working state. But I guess you already know that. But just knowing how to declutter your home won’t work. You have been thinking to get rid of the ones that don’t work, but enough words.

It’s time to get into some action and really get rid of it.

9. Clothes that don’t fit you

how to declutter your home

It might sound cliched but you aren’t going to lose weight and fit in the clothes you used to in your college days. Pack those denim and bell bottoms and give them away. Or if you are a sentimental fool like me, use them for DIY stuff. Make bags out of it, or a wall hanging.

But it’s time to replace the old clothes spot with the ones you really wear.

10. Torn bedsheets (Or the ones that have holes)

how to declutter your home

You love your pink bedsheet. But your cat awarded a long scratch on it. Now it’s almost torn in half and you ended up adding some holes to it. Because you weres smoking that spliff with your homies the other day and it fell right on the bedsheet.

Time to say goodbye to your bedsheet and maybe get a new one now.

11. Almost empty bathroom toiletries

how to declutter your home

That almost empty shampoo bottle which keeps falling off whenever you reach for your bathroom shelf is annoying, isn’t it? So, why do you want to keep it? Are you going to fell it with again? Or are you going to empty a new bottle in the old one?

Neither, right? So, the next time it falls off, you know what to do.

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What are you waiting for?

Now that you are self- aware and know how much of that unnecessary trash you have scattered all around, it’s time for you to work it out. Start with your kitchen and work your way out to the bathroom. Trust me, once you get rid of these 11 things that I have mentioned in the list, your house will itself start giving you the vibes that it’s clean and decluttered.

You know now, how to declutter your home. So, don’t waste your time and get started already!

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