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6 Ways To Declutter Your Digital Life And Manage Your Tech

When was the last time, you actually used all the apps that you have on your phone?

Probably never! But you still have those unnecessary apps inside your phone. Not just apps, but you often buy shitty tech that sounds cool but practically is of no use.

Certainly, technology and the digital world has mixed with your world so beautifully, that now you can’t imagine our life without these modern technologies. You might never notice but just like your other house stuff, your tech is also making your life messy. The worst part is most of you don’t even notice it.

Even if you do, you don’t know how to fix the problem. But don’t worry. Here are 6 easy ways that will help you declutter your digital life and manage your tech.

1. Take care of those power cables

declutter your digital life

No matter how hard you try to clean your home, it won’t look clean until you get rid of those power cables. Why do you have a charger stuck in every wall socket? Why do you have all the cables entwining on the floor? It looks messy, you have to get rid of them.

The simplest way is to use cable management accessories that will help you hide those power cords where no one can see. Your desk will look more beautiful and maybe a clear desk will help you clear out your mind as well.

2. Make a drawer or room just for your tech

declutter your digital life

What’s your camera doing in the kitchen? Your laptop charger is in the garage and those headphones on the top of your fridge, why? Start keeping your tech at one place. Make a drawer just for your tech.

In case, you are a tech geek and it is impossible to keep everything inside a drawer, make a room just for your tech. This will not only make your home look tidy but it’ll also help you to access your gadgets easily.

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3. Make room inside your phone

declutter your digital life

Often you install an app and then just forget about it without even using it. These apps are invisible, they are installed but you’ll never pay attention to them. They will not just take up your storage but also use the ram of your phone and make it feel slow.

Get rid of those apps, go to the app drawer and see how many of these apps you have installed in your device. Declutter your digital life get rid of all those unnecessary apps. It will make your phone run faster too and I bet you will love that.

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4. Review the files you have saved inside your system

declutter your digital life

This is not something that you have to do very often. Make it an annual task and at least once every year review all the files that you have stored in your system. Get rid of those you don’t need anymore. It is a pretty tiring task, which is easier said than done.

But you have to do it, start with a drive and sort the view option by “date last opened.” Review and declutter your digital life, delete all the files that you haven’t opened in a year. This will also boost the performance of your system.

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5. Use Cloud to store your photos

declutter your digital life

Smartphone cameras are getting better every year, they are good enough to compete with a professional DSLR camera. Not just this but they are also capable of recording beautiful memories. You must have clicked 1000 of photos with your smartphone. I am not asking you to delete them, they are precious, I understand.

But you can move them to your cloud drive, this will help you make some space inside your phone. It’ll also work as a safety plan to keep photos safe in case you accidentally lose your phone.

6. Delete corrupted and duplicate photos

declutter your digital life

This one is self-explanatory, you don’t need to keep multiple copies of the same photo in your phone gallery. You also don’t need blurred or corrupted photos. Go through your gallery (it’ll take some time to review all) see if there are any duplicate or corrupted photos.

Delete those and make some free memory. This will free up so much of space inside your phone that you will be able to easily click and store new memories. Also, you won’t have the notification of memory full after every now and then.

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In Conclusion:

It might take some time to go through all your tech and digital data but it’ll be worth it. Just make sure not to skip any of these things, it might not be visible to you but this digital mess can cause harm to your mental health.

Declutter your digital life so that you won’t have to face anxiety anytime sooner.

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