Deepak Nirula AKA Ice Cream Man Of Indian Passes Away At 75
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Deepak Nirula AKA Ice Cream Man Of Indian Passes Away At 75

Founder of India’s oldest fast food chain company, Deepak Nirula of Nirula’s, also known as the Ice Cream man of India, passed away at 75, on October 4. This man is the reason we like these fast food chain companies so much. Way before KFC, Burger King or any other fast food company approached us, he opened Delhi’s first fast food restaurant in 1977. Thus, he was responsible for making each of our childhood awesome. 

Deepak Nirula AKA Ice Cream Man Of Indian Passes Away

Deepak Nirula of Nirula’s Passed Away 

As Deepak Nirula passed away at 75, on October 4, Nandini Chatterjee, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, PWC, also tweeted, “Nirulas. The place we went to from our school and college to celebrate. The place where we took our children to relive the many happy memories linked with Nirulas. Can only thank them for thinking ahead of their time and giving us memories of a lifetime. RIP Deepak Nirula.”

 Sadaf Sayeed, the CEO, of Muthoot Microfin, said he remembered him for introducing fast foods like pizza, burgers and more to Indians. His tweet reads, “Oh no, Nirula’s have so many of my childhood memories. Nirula’s has to his credit for introducing fast food like burgers and pizza to many Indians. What a massive legacy, may his soul rest in peace.”

A user also wrote, “Nirulas were an emotion for every kid growing up in Delhi. If you want to learn how to hold on to your customers, you should learn from Nirulas. I still remember how they rewarded every Delhi kid for scoring well in exams or on their birthday. My heartfelt prayers”.

Many netizens also paid tribute to India’s ice cream man. 

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