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What You Need To Know About Deepika Padukone’s Pregnancy Rumors

Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding was one of the iconic fairytales to come true.

The gorgeous diva and the handsome stud are an amazing couple on screen and now that they are a real-life couple, they look even more adorable. Sadly, society (ke char log ) cannot digest their happiness. Which is why they have started spreading Deepika Padukone pregnancy rumors.

Is Deepika pregnant?

Deepika Padukone pregnancy rumors.

Ever since Deepika and Ranveer came back from their extended one and a half month long honeymoon, some people were so jealous that they are happy and enjoying. After all, for some, it becomes the sole motive to make the life of actors a living hell by spreading unnecessary rumors.

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When Deepika and Ranveer got married, they got their golden chance. Everyone started juicy gossips about Deepika’s bump (which was nowhere to be found btw), as she shared her pictures related to fitness recently.

And yes, in the latest pictures, her tummy looks absolutely flat and toned as it should have been. There was no baby bump. Deepika Padukone pregnancy rumors are baseless.

What’s Deepika’s take on it?

Deepika Padukone pregnancy rumors.

Breaking the rumors, Deepika spoke to media and cleared out the rumor with swag. In an interview, she said that she knows that she is an actor and there will be rumors spread about her. Now that she is married, people will talk about her being pregnant and she will have to deal with it because that’s how a celeb life is.

Though, she just didn’t stop there. She said,” People think what they want to think. Sometimes what they guess turns out to be right, and sometimes it doesn’t. When the time comes, maybe their guess will be right. But as of now, we both are concentrating on our projects. ”

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Going further, she added that India is a country where females are expected to have a child after marriage. She also shared her views related to this notion of Indian society. She wants the female population to speak up and take their own decision in these matters. As it should be the decision of a mother to bear a child and not the family pressure that leads to pregnancy.

In Conclusion:

Deepika and Ranveer are having the best time of their lives. They are working and living lavish celeb life simultaneously while basking in the glory of B-town. Rumors nothing but a means of entertainment for people who think that it will be so much fun to spread a lie about someone.

Next time you come across Deepika Padukone pregnancy rumors,  just read it and ignore as you do for memes. 

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