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Spike In COVID-19 Cases, Ammonia In Water & Polluted Air, Delhi Is Struggling, Really Struggling

Though Delhi is no alien to an increase in pollution-level with the approaching winter, this year has added to its woes with coronavirus and polluted water plaguing the normal life in Delhi like never before.

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) on Thursday said that water supply in several parts of Delhi will be affected due to an “abnormal” increase in ammonia levels in raw water discharged into the Yamuna river by Haryana.

“Due to an abnormal increase in pollutants (ammonia levels) in Yamuna raw water discharged by Haryana, production at Sonia Vihar and Bhagirithi Water Treatment Plants will be adversely impacted,” the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader tweeted. 

The spike in ammonia will affect the East, North East and South Delhi regions in the coming days.

“It is advised to store and use water judiciously. Adequate number of water tankers are being deployed. We are working relentlessly, in collaboration with Haryana, to restore normal supply,” he added.

Spike In COVID-19 cases

The woe comes amidst the recent hike in the number of coronavirus cases in Delhi. Delhi’s average coronavirus cases stood somewhere at 5,739 new cases on Thursday, which is a 9% rise in new positive cases.

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“Delhi’s current situation is a culmination of many things — temperatures have come down making the environment moret conducive for the virus, the festive season because of which there is probably the highest interaction between people that the city has ever seen since the advent of the virus in March. And then there is air pollution, because of which many are already suffering from flu-like symptoms,” a former ICMR head said.

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Besides everything, the pollution levels across regions in Delhi have skyrocketed and it’s not even Diwali yet. The worst is the fact that the wind speed over the NCR region continues to stay still, which ensures the pollution stays in the atmosphere for longer.

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In a nutshell, not floor, but Delhi is lave right now!!

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