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These Three Districts Will Receive the Service Of Delhi Ambulance Bikes

Delhi is a quite crowded place to live in, although all the modern facilities are easily available here. But, congested streets and massive traffic on roads can cause a problem to its citizens.

The average response time of Ambulances in Delhi is around 20 minutes. It can be reduced if there is a solution to Delhi’s traffic. In order to target the situation, Chief Minister of Delhi has launched Delhi’s first motorcycle ambulances in congested parts of Delhi.

What’s the purpose of these bikes

Delhi ambulance bike

When a distress call emerges from a congested district in Delhi., it becomes hard for Ambulance to get there in time. The reason is the narrow lanes that lead to emergency patients. Fortunately, these ambulance bikes can easily get into those cramped areas to respond.

Benefits of Delhi Ambulance Bikes

These ambulance bikes can also move through heavy traffic easily. Reducing the current average response time from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

Now, whenever Delhi Centralised Ambulance Trauma Services (CATS) receive a distress call on 102 from congested areas in Delhi, these ambulance bikes would be dispatched along with the ambulances.

This way, paramedics will reach the patient before the ambulance. If this plan works, it could save so many lives. For now, these bikes are only serving in the East, Northeast Delhi and Shahdara.

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What facilities these bikes can offer?

Delhi ambulance bike

LS Rana, head, Delhi CATS said, “These vehicles will be very valuable in cases of heart attack, choking, circumstances in which paramedics have to clear the airway, as all of these bikes carry Ambu bags or provide oxygen if needed. These bikes also carry medical equipment to give chest compressions or pack bleeding wounds.”

Other than that these bikes come equipped with kits that contain air-splints to immobilize joints, oxygen bag to provide assisted breathing, glucometer and pulse oximeter that can be used to check a person’s blood glucose and oxygen saturation levels.

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It also carries foldable transfer sheets that can be used to carry patients to the ambulance in case the path is narrow. A GPS tablet is also installed in these bikes that’ll guide them through the area.

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In Conclusion:

The concept does sound pretty intriguing but will it be able to perform accordingly? In case it does, there are plans to expand this service from 3 to 11 congested districts of Delhi. Do you think it’s an interesting idea?

Let us know in the comment section.

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