Delhi Polls: AAP Wins The Election, Manoj Tiwari And Kejriwal's Lookalike Wins The Internet - Viral Bake

Delhi Polls: AAP Wins The Election, Manoj Tiwari And Kejriwal’s Lookalike Wins The Internet

The 2020 Delhi Elections comes to an end today with Kejriwal reclaiming power as the Chief Minister of the Capital for the third time in a row. Though one would expect that most of the attention would be on Kejriwal, but for a change, much of the attention was drawn by two other people.

And if you haven’t guessed who these people are, then they are none other than a young boy dressed up as Kejriwal and singer-turned-politician Manoj Tiwari.

While the young boy drew attention for his adorable look representing Arvind Kejriwal, Manoj Tiwari, on the other hand, was trolled for the statements he had made during campaigns and initially on the counting day.

For the unknown, Manoj Tiwari had said that BJP will win more than 55 seats in the assembly election. Netizens reacted to the same with hilarious memes that would leave your stomach aching.

Have a look.

On the adorable side, a young boy dressed in an AAP cap, a painted-on moustache, a maroon pullover with Kejri’s signature muffler made the internet a happier place.

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