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Drinks To Keep You Hydrated During Navratri 2024

It’s important to be hydrated and energetic throughout the day, especially during fasting, as Chaitra Navratri 2024 comes near. Long periods of fasting require the body to be supplied with nutrients and fluids to maintain wellness and energy.

Drinking enough water during Navratri is essential to sustain your health and energy levels. In addition to providing many flavours and health advantages to keep you refreshed during the festival, these seven beverages will satisfy your taste buds and allow you to enjoy the auspicious event fully.

Refreshing And Hydrating Drinks For Navratri 2024

1. Mint Lassi

A traditional Indian beverage with a modern twist, Mint Lassi blends the refreshingness of mint leaves with the coolness of yoghurt. It helps with digestion in addition to being soothing. To make this refreshing drink, blend yoghurt, mint leaves, spices, and a little amount of salt. To view the Mint Lassi recipe, click this link.

2. Chamomile Apple and Mint Iced Tea

This wonderful iced tea will infuse your Navratri evenings with the peaceful chamomile taste and the apple’s sharpness. After brewing, let the chamomile tea cool. After that, mix in some ice cubes, freshly squeezed apple juice, and a few mint leaves for a refreshing drink that will keep you hydrated all day.

3. Coconut Water With Lemon and Mint

Lemon and mint provide a zesty touch to coconut water, nature’s electrolyte-packed gift. In addition to being highly hydrating, fresh coconut water is also a great source of important minerals like magnesium and potassium. To enhance its flavour and freshness, add a sprig of mint and a squeeze of lemon juice.

4. Mango Lassi

This creamy, rich Mango Lassi will let you enjoy the sweet taste of mangoes. Add other flavouring ingredients and blend yoghurt and ripe mangoes. This beverage gives you a taste of the tropical while also keeping you hydrated. 

5. Chaas

Also referred to as buttermilk, chaas is a well-liked Indian beverage that soothes the physique and helps with digestion. This sour and cool drink, ideal for Navratri, is made by whisking together yoghurt, water, black salt, and optional toasted cumin powder. 

6. Orange Juice

A sweet addition to your Navratri hydration routine, freshly squeezed orange juice is bright, acidic, and full of Vitamin C. Orange juice is a must-have during fasting days since it is hydrating and helps to strengthen immunity.

7. Ginger Lemonade

The zesty flavours of lemonade can help you start the day off well. Fresh ginger should be grated and combined with water, lemon juice, and a little honey for sweetness. In addition to keeping you hydrated, this spicy mix promotes healthy digestion and gives you a blast of flavour.

8. Amaranth (Rajgira) Sherbet

To create this easy homemade beverage, place amaranth seeds in a pan with water, bring to a boil, then stir with sugar or sugar substitute and a squeeze of lemon. This beverage can help you stay hydrated and is full of nutrients.

9. Herbal Teas

Herbal teas may be made using components such as ginger, tulsi, and mint leaves. These teas have the added benefits of being hydrating, calming, and refreshing.

10. Rose Milk

To prepare this delicious beverage, fill a glass with chilled milk, then whisk in honey, rose syrup, and crushed almonds. 

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