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Desi Indians Pretending To Be Excited About US Election Is Nothing But Irritating

So people who don’t even know how the President of India is elected happen to be showing very keen interest in the ongoing US election.

Those are the words on my lips every time I open my WhatsApp story section and at least try to view some stories hoping it wouldn’t be people arguing who would win the US election. But only if God would listen to my prayers!!

Well, I understand people are excited to see Biden winning for that would mean Kamala Harris gets to become the first Indian-American Vice-president, but then there are people who are getting curious for no reason at all.

Like it makes me think of this F.R.I.E.N.D.S scene where Joey would laugh despite being unaware of the context of the chat just to ensure he doesn’t look stupid.

Anyway, thankfully, I found some people who actually align with my thoughts to call out Indians getting excited about the US election for no reason at all. Have a look:

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Cut it out!! A minute of someone thinking “ohh he/she is so intelligent” wouldn’t change that you know you ain’t if you ain’t.

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