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11 Things You Should Destroy Completely Before Throwing To Save Your Own Life

Ever wondered, why it is written on the back of every water bottle, “Crush it after use.”

I’m sure you know the reason but never paid much attention or maybe you just don’t want to crush it because you like the design of the bottle.

Whatever the reason, you should never use these bottles in the long run because they can make you sick. In fact, not just bottles, there are many other things that you should destroy before throwing away.

Here’s the list, in case you don’t know –

1. Plastic bottles

“Crush the bottle after use,” not just because the plastic is not safe in a long run, but crushing them will also prevent other people (scavenging guys) who will pick these bottles to resale (without recycling). By crushing these bottles, you’ll also save up space inside dustbin or recycle bin.

2. Your personal documents

Documents that contain your personal information, like your paid bills, your bank statements, xerox of your Id’s and your photographs should never go directly to your dustbin. Identity theft is a real problem, and if you continue to throw your personal documents before destroying them, you might regret it later. Shred them before you throw them.

3. Credit/debit cards

If you don’t want someone else to shop on your old/expired card, get rid of them in the right way. Although most of the credit /debit card companies now offer decent fraud protection, still you can’t just throw your card into the dustbin. Simply cut the card into 15 small pieces or burn your card (especially the magnetic strip) before throwing it.

4. Disposable plates and cups

If you are throwing a party, these disposable cups and plates should be in your list of top 10 items to get from the store. But make sure your guest crush them after use so that the ragpickers can’t resale them without proper recycling.

5. Ink cartridges

Most of the ink cartridges contain toxic substances, thus throwing them directly into your wastebin is not a right option. Instead, you can go to the nearest stationary or computer accessory shops, that will take your cartridges and give you a discount on your new cartridges. These people know how to take care of your cartridges without harming the environment.

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6. Household batteries

Alkaline or Lithium-ion batteries are quite harmful, I’ve learned this when I was a kid, as many of my toys were destroyed because of the leaked chemical (zinc) spilling from these batteries. It is not safe to throw away these batteries directly into the dustbin.

7. CFL bulbs

Although most of the houses have replaced these old CFL bulbs with the modern and more efficient LED bulbs. Still, it is not hard to spot one. The CFL bulbs contain little amounts of mercury, which is harmful to the environment if left unattended. To save your environment and to make sure that they are destroyed properly, hand them to the recycling unit.

8. Computers

If you have an old computer that might have stopped working, don’t just throw them into the dustbin as they contain many harmful elements like mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium, and lithium. Companies that buy old or broken computers take out the working components and get rid of the rest in an environmentally friendly way. Your computers also contain your personal information, so before throwing them away, take out the memory drive and fry them into the microwave.

9. Deodorant cans (Aluminium cans)

All the aluminium cans are highly recyclable, which means there is no reason to toss them directly into your waste bin. But if you continue to do so, let me tell you that these cans are extremely dangerous. Deodorant cans contain pressurised liquid inside it which means can explode if get punctured or exposed to extreme heat. I’m sure you don’t want your dustbin to explode, otherwise, it till extra work for you to clean. Make sure that the can is empty before getting rid of them or simply recycle them.

10. Shredded paper

You can simply send the shredded paper to the recycle companies when they will make sure the best use your used paper. But you can also use this waste as a fertilizer. Paper is biodegradable and it can provide the proper nutrition to your houseplants. Instead of throwing paper into the dustbin use them for the good of environment.

11. Milk cartons and packets

Instead of just throwing the cartons and packets directly into the dustbin we should always destroy the milk cartons and packets so that ragpicker can won’t pick them up to make the duplicate item. Also, plastic packets are not degradable which means thorwing them into dustbin is not a good idea.

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In Conclusion:

Certainly, the advancement in technology has made our lives easy but it is also adversely affecting our environment. So in order to make sure that the damage is minimum, destroy these things in the right way before throwing them into the dustbin.

You can at least do this much, right?
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