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These Devil Bridges Have A Creepy Tale Attached To Them

Do you know about the ‘DEVIL BRIDGE’? Do you know, there are many Devil bridges around the world?

How do you feel when you are standing in the middle of a bridge, alone? Do you feel scared? Or excited? And what if I tell you that bridges are haunted? Or that it has a creepy story behind it?

If any of the above questions intrigue you and you want to know where such bridges exist, you are in the right place. Since ancient times, Devil bridges have existed and here are three of them which have a bone-chilling story behind its creation. And trust me, if you love creepy things, you would surely plan to visit one of them in future-

1. Teufelsücke bridge – Switzerland

devil bridges Teufelsücke

Located in St Gotthard Pass, this bridge stands across the Schöllenen Gorge in the scenic Reuss valley of  Switzerland.

According to the legend, it was a very difficult spot to build a bridge in the first place. But then, it was essential that a bridge should be constructed to shorten long routes. In a desperate attempt to make the impossible happen, a Swiss herdsman wished the devil would make it for them.

The devil appeared and cunningly offered to build the bridge on a certain condition. He demanded that the soul of the first one to cross would be offered to him. But when the bridge was built, villagers outsmarted the devil. Instead of sending a person, they sent a goat across the bridge. Outraged by the trick, the devil decided to destroy the bridge. He picked up a huge stone in order to smash the bridge to pieces.

But on his way to the bridge, he encountered an old woman who was wearing a cross. It scared the devil and he ran away dropping the stone.

However, some still believe that you can summon the devil on the bridge if you call out deep enough. And that you can still make a pact with him. Though, they don’t know what the devil might ask in return. So, try on your own risk.

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2. Steinerne Brücke- Germany

devil bridges Steinerne Brücke

Located in Regensburg, Germany, this one of the 12th-century Devil bridges, across the river Danube. It links the Old Town with Stadtamhof.

According to the legend, a bridge builder and a cathedral builder had a bet on who would finish the construction first. The work of the cathedral progressed faster than the bridge builder had anticipated. So, in order to avoid defeat, he summoned the devil. He offered that if the devil helped him finish the bridge before the cathedral maker, he would make a pact with him.

In exchange, the devil demanded the first three souls that crossed the bridge. As requested, the devil helped him complete the bridge and he won. But again, the devil was tricked. This time, the bridge builder sent a rooster, a hen, and a dog across the bridge first. The devil even attempted to destroy the bridge, which is why there is a bump on it, which you can still see.

The legend says though, that the Devil is still waiting for his payment, and if someone stays on the bridge too long, say, to admire the water flow, the water will come up, and wash them away, finally giving the Devil his payment of one human soul.

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3. Ponte Della Maddalena- Italy

devil bridges Ponte Della Maddalena

This bridge serves as a crossing on the Serchio river near the town of Borgo a Mozzano, which is in the Italian province of Lucca.

The mountains around Lucca have served as a backdrop for many fairy tales and stories which serve as a folklore. But what’s more crucial is the fact that the presence of Satan is felt more than anything in these surroundings.

Legend says that the bridge was made by a poor builder, and under harsh circumstances, the bridge fell apart just a day before its inauguration.  The builder was scared and didn’t want to be punished by the authorities. Satan appeared in front of him though and offered him a deal. The desperate builder quickly agreed on the terms to offer the soul of the first one to cross it.

The following morning, there stood the bridge, in all its magnificent details and glory.  But now the builder realized what sin he had committed. He broke down and confessed everything to the Bishop of Lucca. Together, they used the same old trick and made a pig cross the bridge before anyone else could. The devil felt cheated and he created a huge hole below the bridge. Some say, he still waits for the day when the bridge breaks, and souls can straight fall into hell so that he can finally have his payment.

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In Conclusion:

Even though the devil was cheated while making of all the above-mentioned Devil bridges, I still feel that he will always find a way to collect his price. Maybe that’s why bridges are the most popular spot for people who commit suicide.

And now I know, why I feel shit scared on bridges! 

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