Major Difference Between Money Bill and Finance Bill to Clear the Confusion

The Union Government tabled the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023, on August 3. “Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and IT, introduced it in the parliament against fierce resistance from opposition leaders who argued it violated the fundamental right to privacy,” mentioned Times Now.

Last year, the government made a significant decision by withdrawing the data privacy bill. The subsequently revised bill has introduced heightened scrutiny, prompting the opposition to advocate for its referral to the standing committee for a comprehensive review. In this context, Vaishnav emphasized that the bill should not be classified as a money bill, and he assured that all raised objections would be thoughtfully addressed during the upcoming deliberations. Interestingly, initial reports had indicated the bill’s introduction under Article 117 of the Constitution, a section primarily concerned with specialized provisions related to Finance Bills.

Difference Between Money Bill and Finance Bill

The Real Difference Between Money Bill and Finance Bill

A Money Bill is a distinct variant of the broader Finance Bill within legislative spheres. Its scope is meticulously outlined by Article 110(1)(a) to (g) of the constitution, focusing solely on specific subjects. In contrast, a Financial Bill casts a broader net, encompassing various measures concerning revenue and expenses, offering a comprehensive view of fiscal affairs.

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“More specifically, the unique rules pertaining to financial bills are covered by Article 117 of the Constitution. According to Article 117 (1), a Bill that addresses any of the issues listed in sections (a) through (f) of Article 110 (1) may only be brought or moved on the recommendation of the President and may not be introduced in the Rajya Sabha. Money Bills and other Financial Bills that originate only in the Lok Sabha are examples of this first category of Financial Bills,” mentioned Times Now.

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