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Different Kinds Of Coffees And Here’s How You Can Perfectly Brew Them

Face it, we have all been in a situation when we are at a coffee shop with a coffee-menu in our hand with no idea what’s the difference between an Espresso or Americano. Nevertheless, you can always guess and order a fancy cup of coffee, just to ensure your date doesn’t think you’re stupid. But that can taste like something you would never want to drink.

So, the best way to save money and yourself from a brew that would take efforts to go down the throat, we thought we bring you a coffee-guide.

This guide will not only help you understand exactly what you like but will also teach you how you can make a great brew because when it’s month-end, tb ghar ki coffee hi achi lgti hai.

Before you learn about different types of coffee, you first need to understand what exactly Espresso is. So watch this video first and then we well will get into the coffee lesson.

1. Espresso

Espresso is simply one once of concentrated coffee brewed to make your morning better. It may sound simple to make but takes real efforts to get the perfect cup that tastes divine.

2. Americano

Americano originated during World War II. It is combined with water to extend its ration further and make it a tad bit less strong.

3. Long Black

Long back is Americano is reverse with an equal amount of Espresso and hot water. This type of brew originated in Australia and New Zealand.

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4. Macchiato

Macchiato stands for mark or stain. This is in reference to the mark that steamed milk leaves on the surface of the espresso as it is dashed into the drink. Flavoring syrups are often added to the drink according to customer preference.

5. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is one of the most drank coffee in the world, especially in Italy and the United States.

6. Mocha

Mocha is kinda a combination of coffee and hot chocolate. You either add chocolate powder or syrup to the same to give it a creamy flavour.

7. Affogato

Affogato is more like a dessert coffee than a breakfast drink and is combined with ice cream. It sounds bizarre but is really fun to sip in.

8. Cafe au Lait

Ingredients in Cafe au Lait are replaced with french press coffee instead of espresso and scalded milk instead of steamed milk and poured at a 50/50 ratio.

9. Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is a summertime coffee and you can juggle with ingredients when preparing the same.

10. Vienna

Vienna comes into existence derived when whipped cream is smeared over Espresso.

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What’s your favourite type of coffee?

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