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7 Different Styles Of Learning: Find Out Which One Your Kid Uses

Everyone is different, from the way we learn to the way we talk, everyone has their own personality which is hard to change. Just like this, everyone has their own different style of learning.

If you are a parent and you are worried because your kid is always on the phone, wasting time by playing PUBG instead of learning, don’t worry. They might be learning, their way of learning might not be logical, but its OK.

Believe me, they are learning. And in order to help you guys understand better, here are 7 the different style of learning.

1. Visual Learning

different style of learning

They learn what they see. Sometimes visual learners also called ‘spatial.’ They are very good at reading maps and charts. Kids who learn things visually are the ones who sit at the front seat in their classroom. It is easy for them to learn new things if they can be explained through a chart or graph.

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2. Auditory Learning

different style of learning

For kids who are auditory (aural) learners can retain information easily when the instruction is provided with the help of sound. They are good listeners and enjoy music. An aural learner would prefer lectures over reading material. They love discussions and participate in debates as well. The best thing is they remember names easily.

3. Verbal Learning

different style of learning

This is what you want your kid to be, a verbal learner. A verbal learner loves both the writing and speech style of learning. They love both the lectures and reading materials. Because of this, they never have any trouble expressing themselves. They are good at word games, rhymes and tongue twisters.

4. Kinesthetic Learning

different style of learning

Kinesthetic or physical learners receive their knowledge through touch. The kinesthetic (physical) learner explores their world through touch. They usually like to do things in their own way rather than just following the instructions. They are mostly good at sports and like to try different forms of art.

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5. Logical Learning

different style of learning

By focusing on the logic and maths behind what they are learning, they get better in logical reasoning and maths. They are good at understanding others behaviour and feelings of others around them. Strategic games are what they like to play most of the time, and not to forget they are good with numbers.

6. Social Learning

different style of learning

Those group studies are meant for kids who learn better in a setting. They are also referred to as interpersonal learners. This helps them to understand the feeling of other people easily. They enjoy sharing their knowledge with the group and also good at teaching others. Talking is what they love to do the most.

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7. Solitary Learning

different style of learning

Also called intrapersonal learners, they enjoy working alone and they like to study in a quiet environment. They don’t depend on others to learn new things, they seek to learn independently. This makes them good at time-management. They like their own company, keeps a journal and quiet environment to study is a must.

In Conclusion:

Now you know all the different style of learning. So, if you find your kid spending more time in the playground, you’ll know your kid is a social learner. Which you can use to help them learn better.

Just keep an eye on your child and find out what learner he/she is. It’ll help you help hem! 

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