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25 Types Of Bread From Different Parts Of The World

Eating bread and butter for breakfast, a grilled sandwich for lunch and roti for dinner, from morning till night we can eat different types of international breads with country of origin. And, it is hard to imagine any dish without bread accompanying it. Though they are high in fat but still we still love to eat them. Why? Because bread is life.

Not just in India but all over the world, bread has become an integral part of everyone’s life. There are many different types of bread available in this world that one can eat. So, let me just introduce you to different types of international breads with country of origin.

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Types Of Bread And Their Origin

There are many different types of breads. We tried compiling all the different types of bread around the world and some of them are mentioned below. Below we have mentioned different types of international breads with country of origin

1. Arepa

Origin: Columbia

Just like all the different types of bread, arepa can be eaten in many different ways. Filled with different fillings as per the choice of bakers, one can get an arepa filled with grated cheese, ham, black beans, chicken salad, or avocado.

2. Chapati

Origin: India

Made with wheat flour, this is the most common Indian bread. Many of us eat it all three times a day and we can’t imagine any Indian dish without a chapati.

3. Damper

Origin: Australia

Spread a layer of strawberry jam, or eat it with honey just like early colonial Australia used to eat. This is a yeast-free bread and cooked on the coal of an open-air fire (campfire). However, after the invention of the microwave oven, things have changed and now there is no need for coals to make this bread.

4. Bagel

Origin: Poland

Before baking, this bread is boiled in water which gives it a beautiful texture on the surface. Made with heavy yeast wheat dough, it feels crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

5. English Muffin

Origin: US

Slice it, toast it, spread butter, and enjoy your easy but tasty breakfast. Just to differentiate it from the muffins, which are sweeter in taste. This bread is called English Muffin in all the US and US-influenced states.

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6. Focaccia

Origin: Italy

It is a flatbread with lots of olive oil and herbs added to its dough. The flour used for making focaccia has to be high in gluten. Also, It can be oily so watch for the calories you intake with this bread.

7. Grissini

Origin: Italy

To complement the taste of the main dish, Grissini offers many different flavors of herbs, seeds, and spices. Generally comes in a pencil-size stick, this bread is a healthier breakfast option that you can opt for.

8. Lavash

Origin: America

Made with flour, water, and salt, Lavash is a flatbread that is sometimes topped with sesame seeds to add flavoring. Cooked inside tandoor, Lavash is quite popular in many Islamic countries.

9. Naan

Origin: Indian

Another is Indian bread made in a tandoor just like Lavash. Served fresh with a layer of butter, only one naan bread is enough to meet the fat and calorie count of a normal person’s diet.

10. Paratha

Origin: Indian

It is a layered flatbread that can be stuffed with many different vegetables (raw or boiled) to enhance taste. Usually fried in oil, this might not be a healthier option but it is certainly a tastier breakfast and lunch choice.

11. Bara Brith

Origin: Wales

Made with the help of yeast or baking powder this one is a fruited bread. People usually like to enjoy this sweet piece of love with butter in the breakfast.

12. Estonian Kringle

Origin: Estonian

This bread is made up of cinnamon and looks more like a cinnamon than a bread. Evening tea along with some almonds is the best way to enjoy this delicious treat.

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13. Faltkaka

Origin: Iceland

This one is a fried flatbread, which is thin, and soft, and due to frying in a cast iron pan, it gets its dark texture. People usually love to eat this bread with smoked salmon.

14. Injera

Origin: Ethiopia

If you love sourdough bread then y’all should definitely try this delicious sponge-textured flatbread. Perfect for scoping, you can eat this bread the way you eat chapati.

15. Knackebord

Origin: Sweden

This is more like a cracker than a bread, a flat dry cracker, which is made with rye flour. The best thing about this cracker bread is that you can experiment with your food and spread your favorite topping which goes best with it.

16. Marraqueta

Origin: Chile

Spread a layer of butter over it and just enjoy this soft-crunchy, round flatbread.

17. Reikaleipa

Origin: Finland

This is a flatbread made with rye and looks similar to a doughnut. Though, it is not a doughnut. People like to enjoy this soft piece of baked dough with their favorite toppings of cheese, meat, or vegetables.

18. Tunnbrod

Origin: Sweden

A mixture of rye, barley, and wheat flour is used to make this crispy flatbread. Spread your favorite jam and enjoy this bread.

19. Vanocka

Origin: Czech Republic

A sweet bread filled with many good surprises topped with almonds and sugar. But once you take a bit you’ll find raisins inside the baked dough of bread. The best way to enjoy it is to make a hot cup of coffee.

20. Qistibi

Origin: Russia

This is one of the types of bread that is a stuffed flatbread made in Russia. The best filling that you can pick is mashed potato or meat sauce.

22. Tortillas

Origin: Mexico

Tortillas are a type of circular, thin bread of Mexican origins that are produced from masa or flour. To add an artisanal touch to delectable dishes like carne asada tacos, al pastor tortillas, or sizzling chicken fajitas, you can prepare fresh tortilla dough in your stand mixer.

23. Pita

Origin: Middle East

Middle Eastern, Greek, and other Mediterranean cuisines all use this hollow flatbread. This bread’s hollow can be used to make a sandwich pocket that is ready to be filled with crispy falafel or grilled gyro meat.

24. Socca

Origin: France And Italy

A common street dish or appetizer in France is socca, a gluten-free bread. Chickpea flour is used to make this bread, which is then grilled over an open flame. Slice it and serve it with your preferred dip recipe, or follow French custom and serve it in a cone with freshly cracked pepper and salt.

25. Matzo

Origin: Egypt

This types of bread only requires flour and water to make this basic bread recipe. Because it is made without yeast, matzo, also known as matzah, bakes into what seems to be a single enormous cracker. Due to the moderate flavor, both sweet and savory toppings, such as butter and homemade jam or creamy tuna salad, go well with it.


I am sure by now your taste buds must be asking you to try all of these special breads from all over the world. Don’t forget to tell us which one you like the most. And which of the above-mentioned different types of international breads with country of origin would you love to try?

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