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Did You Know That Comedies Are Also Of Different Styles, 4th Is Anti-Humorous

Comedy is defined as the entertainment containing jokes or sketches which are intended to make people laugh.

Nowadays there are a lot of different types of comedy going on and people performing them try to master in their own field.  From Charlie Chaplin’s silent comedy to Kevin Hart’s anecdotal comedy, there are approximately 30 different styles of comedy in general. And today we are going to the top different types of comedies that are famous in India.

1. Anecdotal Comedy

This is the type of comedy which may or may not resemble some personal comic incidents. This type of comedy is mostly done by all the comedians or stand-up guys like Kenny Sebastian, Kapil Sharma etc.

Check this link out for the video example of this type:

2. Character Comedy

Rather famous in India this type of comedy made Indian TV shows rating to blast through the roof. With some quiet amazing performances by Sunil Grover for portraying Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati, helped Kapil Sharma Show reach the heights no other comedy show ever reached.

Check out this amazing performance by Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Bollywood Queens

3. Black Comedy

Comedy based on drugs, death, terrorism etc. This one is not for everyone but still some comedians explore this genre to produce good quality content.

Check out this skid by Vaibhav Sethia

4. Anti-Humor Comedy

Well there are a lot of examples of this type of comedy but the best comedian out there for this work is none other than Shakeel Siddiqui who tells his jokes in a meaningless none funny way. Interesting, isn’t it.

Check out this video of Shakeel Siddiqui.


5. Blue Comedy

Comedy based on gender or race is known as blue comedy and Indian ladies are exploring this genre for their gigs and rising quickly to fame with this.

Check out this video by Ankita

6. Heritage Comedy

A genre in which the comedian uses his/her own culture/heritage to discuss some humorous stereotypes. Jeeveshu Alhuwalia is the classic example of this genre of comedy who discusses all the fun facts about being a Punjabi guy.

Check out this video by Jeeveshu Alhuwalia.

7. Improvisational Comedy

This type of comedy is mostly used in a face off of comedy or on a comedy talent show where things are hardly planned to challenge their innovation skills. Lately an amazon prime series “Comicstaan” is in search of India’s next standup comedian juried by top notch comedians.

Check out this video by the Comicstaan.

8. Insult Comedy

This genre of comedy is the prime choice of comedians these days where they can make anyone a butt of their joke and insult anyone in a funny way. Classic examples of this genre are Kapil Sharma Or Krushna and Sudesh.

Check out this video by Krushna and Sudesh


9. Prop Comedy

This consists of comedians using everyday like objects or props to present them in a humorous way. As discussed Guthi, Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Pinky Aunty or bua from the Kapil Sharma Show are the prime examples of this.

Check out this performance by Various Characters


10. Spoof Comedy

These one’s are also quiet famous these days as many people are doing this and are getting a good response from the audience. What’s done here is that a video or a movie is transformed or recreated into a funnier version.

TVF and many other YouTubers are doing it these days.

Check out this video by TVF

11. Sketch Comedy

Shorter version of a sitcom these are basically performed live or they are a web series. Some popular examples of this genre are Son of Abish, All India Backchod and TVF.

Check out this video by Son of Abish.

12. Sitcom Comedy

This type of comedy is scripted and presented theoretically by the comedians mostly of television shows or series. Primary examples of this type of comedy are The Kapil Sharma Show, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pr Hai, Comedy Circus.

Watch this clip from Bhabhi Ji Ghar pr hain.

These were the most popular types of comedy in India. But the one genre which dominates the most is the Sitcom comedy due to the fact that it is suited for audience of all age groups. Plus family shows are basically preferred in India over youngster based television Stand-ups. This also gives people a chance to spend time with each other and watch something together simultaneously.


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