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Here Are 14 Differnet Types Of Heart Emojis & What They Mean

Emojis play a pivotal role in our conversations with people across generations using them and actually enjoying them. Emojis, over the years, have become a language of its own and is capable of expressing feelings that words can’t.

While there are so many emojis for us to feast on, but one of the most used emojis remain to be the heart ones. While many people think heart emojis are used to express love, but there is more to them.

Besides love, differnet heart emojis are capable of expressing a completely different feeling and we have got them penned down for you. Have a look and make sure you use the right emoji next time.

1. Beating heart emoji

2. Black heart emoji

3. Blue heart emoji

4. Broken heart emoji

5. White heart emoji

6. Arrow heart emoji

7. Purple heart emoji

8. Sparkle heart emoji

9. Red heart emoji

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10. Two hearts emoji

11. Green heart emoji

12. Orange heart emoji

13. Exclamation heart emoji

14. Yellow heart emoji

Which heart emoji is your favourite?

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