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15 Types Of Women Outfit That You Will Definitely Find In Her Closet

Clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, makeup, and whatnots!

A girl needs all of these to look presentable in the society. And that is why there is a huge market for women wear, and every ten seconds a new brand or line of accessories comes into existence to offer women something unique, something that will enhance their beauty.

And why not? Women need all this and more to keep themselves pampered.

We have come up with a list of wear, women all over the world are crazy about and have at least one hanging in their wardrobes:

1) Comfortable daily wear denim

Everyday wear denim

Don’t have time to choose something to wear? Just put on that good old, well-fitted jeans you can always rely on in times of hurry. Team it up with different tees or casual shirts and sometimes a scarf will enhance the look, and you are done.

2) Floral dresses for those hot humid summers

floral dresses

A floral dress is a must have in your wardrobe for those summer casual girlz-day-outs. Women love them for their comfort and style staple quotient. Team them up with sneakers or flats or lace shoes and diamond studs and you look ravishing in those soothing colors.

3) Running tights for a comfortable wear

Running tights

Running tights came into existence when women started using them as comfortable office and casual wear both. Now there is a huge range in the market you can choose from as per your occasion.

4) Bomber Jackets for office wear


Bomber jackets are an in thing for office wear during winters over your shirts. Now, you can ditch those cardigans that don’t even go well with urban modern looks and wear these instead.

5) A long shirt dress preferably in checks

long shirt dress

Perfect for summer and versatile in looks, these long-line shirt dresses made of cotton or linen are the most comfortable wear we have discovered past couple of years. And they have received an overwhelming acceptance by women folk, so they are here to stay.

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6) Well-fitted formal trousers

Formal trousers

Perfectly well-fitted pair of trouser goes a long way in impressing your clients. It shows your dedication to fit yourself into the role of power women professional. A working woman can’t do without a pair or two of these.

7) Lightweight saris for office wear

saris for office wear

Saris have become a staple for formal wear, apart from being the first choice for any functions or meeting up with relatives. And the variety makes them a choice of wear for special occasions. You might have to take one or two draping classes but once learned they can become your saviors.

8) Daily wear cotton Kurtis

cotton kurti

Those loose cotton Kurtis for hot humid days is the best choice for women. Not only do they keep you cool, but they accentuate your figure extremely well.

9) A crisp white well-fitted formal shirt

white formal shirt

Well, who doesn’t love the look and smell of a crisp white shirt? A most sought-after attire for formal wear, these shirts make you look like you have come down from the heaven with an aura all around you. Loved all over by women.

10) Black leggings


Those transparent black leggings are a life savior during winter parties, and office wears. They look crazy good teamed up with the skirts and a pair of long boots.

11) Denim and cotton shorts

Denim and cotton shorts

Shorts are a must have for everyone, whether for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a crazy beach party. Shorts not only give you a swanky look but are the most comfortable outfit out there.

12) A Little black dress

little black dress

The most loved outfit in the whole wide world – a little black dress. Whether skater style, a bodycon or a wrap style, it is all you need to let your swag on.

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13) Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt accomplishes multiples goals including being a formal attire for a meeting to being a classic companion to a sequinned top for an evening party. what isn’t there to love?

14) Plain white casual tee

casual white tee

Perfectly comfortable and gives a casual look to your day. Pair it up with well-fitted jeans or capris and you are good to go. You will find this in the wardrobe of every girl on earth.

15) A comfortable set of tee and pyjama

set of tee and pyjama

Nothing beats a comfortable pair of a worn out tee and cotton pyjamas, the most comfortable outfit ever created for women. Women even hold pyjama parties to flaunt their cute sets.

In Conclusion

Women are blessed with a variety of casuals and formals and party wear and shopping wear and beachwear and nightwear… there is soooo… much to choose from that you sometimes don’t know which one is your favorite.

But the most comfortable and sexiest ones automatically become the favorites of women. And your wardrobes aren’t complete with at least one attire from each segment mentioned above.

Tell us which one is your most favorite attire?


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