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Cell Phone Radiation Levels Are Constantly Effecting Your Brain! Try These 7 Methods For Digital Detoxification

You might be aware of the fact that always keeping your cell phone close to your body is bad for health.

But smartphones have become an integral part of your daily. Apparently, you can’t even stay without for a few minutes, let alone hours or days. However, you should because cell phone radiation levels are constantly frying up your brain.

cell phone radiation levels

Your cell phone radiation levels are always on the buzz as your phone vibrates with each Facebook, Instagram and thousand of other notifications that you get every minute.

Here are 7 methods by which you can try to keep your smartphone away for at least a few hours the whole day. Thereby getting a chance to stay away from the harmful cell phone radiation levels.

1. Stacking it aside when meeting family, friends

cell phone radiation levels

Always keep the phone away when you are with your family. It might be difficult in the beginning but after a few days, it will start coming more naturally to you. You will realize that not only you are blocking cell phone radiation levels from harming your brain but you are more relaxed. Your family and friends will love you for paying more attention to them.

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2. No tech on the bed

cell phone radiation levels

This one will give you a good nights sleep and also ensure that you actually sleep when you are on the bed. Unlike most days when you keep tossing and turning even after you kept down phone hours ago. Keeping smartphones away from your bed will also let you focus on sleep and your partner more.

3. Always eat lunch with others

cell phone radiation levels

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Make it a habit to keep your smartphone far away from you while you eat. You can easily do this by having lunch in groups. Go out in the cafeteria or sit with others when you have your lunch or dinner. This will be a fun way to keep cell phone radiation levels from harming your mind and health.

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4. Take a tech-free holiday

cell phone radiation levels

When was the last time you went on a holiday where there was no network? Well, if you haven’t, you should. Plan your trips to places that have weak or no mobile connectivity. This way your phone won’t work an hence, it won’t be of any use. Viola, you can have fun without radiation.

5. Put groups notification on silent

cell phone radiation levels

You might be apart of several family and friends groups on WhatsApp, but trust me it’s costing you a lot. Each time you pick the phone because there is a notification from the 100th group you are apart of, you are exposing yourself to harmful cell phone radiation levels. Put them on silent and keep your phone away.

6. Play outdoor games

cell phone radiation levels

I know you are not a kid, but you will love to just hang out on the swing that’s in the park next to your house. Try going out. You can take your mom, dad, pet or friends or just go alone. Leave your phone behind and see how refreshed you will feel within a few minutes of staying away from the harmful cell phone radiation levels.

7. Turn off updates for less-used apps

cell phone radiation levels

Admit it, you get many notifications related to apps that you don’t even use often. Just turn off the notification and update related to those apps from your settings. This way your mind will get a chance to concentrate on your work and not on the blinking and ringing smartphone. (which keeps beeping every second by the way)

Start your digital detoxification today

There no better day than ‘today’. The sooner you start using these tips, the sooner you can start securing your health from toxic cell phone radiation levels that you carry every day in your hand. Smartphones might be important but they aren’t anything before your health.

Stay away from phones and use them wisely. 

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