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Had Dinosaurs Been Still Alive, This Is How We Would Have Survived In Our Modern Life

We all know about the asteroid that fucked up our planet’s flora and fauna for good.

But imagine, what if the asteroid had just missed colliding with earth and fell in black hole. All the mammals would have been grazing and hunting freely with no idea that they just dodged a massive attack of Thanos.

Fast forward to 2018

Imagine you are leaving from home early morning, all decked up for your office. You are enjoying music in your car while waiting at the traffic signal.

And suddenly you hear loud thumping!

You peep out of your car window to look what’s up. And there is this huge dinosaur passing by for his morning ritual slamming cars along its path. With no sign of sorry on its face it just goes away into his home in nearby mountains.

Have you then chose to return back to your wife at home or just accepted the fate and continued for your office?

Here are 8 such animals we imagined who would have completely changed the way we live our life, had they been alive-

1. Dinosaurs

dinosaurs in traffic

Would dinosaurs have developed human-like intelligence? Who knows?

Obviously, they are ferocious and we would be screwed if they get more intelligent. As a matter of fact, the Jurrasic park series has already filled our hearts with enough dread to imagine what would life be if they were playing hide and seek all over the city.

But one thing is for sure, you would not like an 85 feet dinosaur sniffing around your backyard. Just no. Underground cities would be the only option to stay alive and the blue skies would be enjoyed by these badass descendants of giants.

And just so you know, Titanosaurs the largest dinosaurs of all approximately weighed 59,291 kg. So, even if there was just one of them around, it would be a hell of a problem. How many human beings do you think he would eat as a snack? (food for thought, eh!)

Moreover, instead of death sentences, the harshest punishment given would be kicked outside the underground city. And that would be the end of it. Basically, our lives would be a real depiction of the ‘Maze Runner’ movie.

2. Mammoths

man and mammoth

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Sure, they are fluffy and usually chilled out, but when it comes to strength, mammoths don’t hold anything back. I mean, they are huge and stand tall up to 15 feet.

The relationship between these tusky daredevils and us would be awesome. Don’t you think? We would ride their backs and have the ultimate time being chased by one of the dinosaurs. It would be fun to run and hide our asses behind buildings.

Kids would forget about amusement parks and choose a mammoth -ride instead. Traveling to work would be so much fun and the best part, no traffic police would stop you from running over a red light.

3. The Giant Birds

giant bird

It sucks that we can’t fly. I know. And when you see a 70 feet wide-winged bird gliding above your head, trust me the feeling would be close to what everyone calls a nervous breakdown.

Harry Potter might have loved the ride on the back of ‘BuckBeak’ in the movie, but a real-life stimulation of the stunt where you are being caught by the claws of the flying beast is a big no-no. No one wants to be eaten whole and that too high above the ground.

Sky would become a terrified taboo and not look towards it would be our first instinct. The government pretty much would take loan from China and build metal scarecrows to ward them off. (only if they lasted long, though)

4. The Giant Bears

giant bear

This prehistoric creature is the baddest of all. And life would be a ‘Revenant’ around him.

As humans, we would have to compete for land, food, and water. If we were smart enough to probably build weapons, there could have been a chance. If not, we would be royally fucked.

This gargantuan bear would stand 12 feet tall and kick anyone’s ass no matter what. So, I don’t think weapons would be of any help unless you have a loaded bazooka against this hideous monster. And you know how to use it too.

5. Megalodons

fish wheal

The scariest of all the mammals as of now is the great white shark. We all have seen sharks on Nat Geo or Discovery and most of us don’t want to even think about encountering one firsthand.

But what if I told you, that’s practically nothing in comparison to megalodon. Going for a swim in the open ocean would be something that would never appear on your to-do list. That’s for sure.

Even fishermen and ships would have TNT boxes aboard to light it in case a megalodon wants to make them their breakfast. The ‘Jack Sparrows’ of the sea would be the only ones courageous enough to sail them roughest and nastiest seas.

6. The Giant Snakes

Giant snake

Undoubtedly, Titanoboa is something that would make you shit your pants even if you saw one in your dreams.

This 50 feet long son of a gun is easily the Grand-ass-dad of anaconda. His hisssss can be eerie enough to kill you and make your soul leave your body without any effort.

So, if this motherbrother made it to 2018, jungle safari’s would be banned worldwide and people would drench themselves in chili powder and carry pepper spray gallon before stepping out.

Plus, there would be no sequels for Anaconda at any cost. 100% positive towards that.

7. The Giant Dragonflies

giant dragonfly

Remember the time, when catching dragonflies in the garden and setting them free was fun. Well, erase it. If the Meganeura made it to 2018, you would never step out of your room no matter how lovely the weather.

These giant dragonflies might have loved to play ‘catch me if you can’. And one thing is for sure, no one likes the feeling of being chased by a noisy stinging ass of an insect that weighs several pounds.

Toddlers would appear as delicious macaroons for these flying helicopters. Mothers would tie their kids with iron chains to stop from being snatched away by Meganeura. Ah, what a terrifying sight it would be.

8. The Giant Rodents

Giant rodent

Even today we hate pests. And we would have been in some major trouble if the rodents were five-feet high, 10-feet long and likely weighed over a ton.

Scared? Well, thank the gods that they never made it through. Life would be a living hell and no matter how many tons of rat kill we would scatter, it would hardly upset the tummy of this colossal A-hole.

He would probably puke and let the poison out. As a result, his puke would end up adding yet another problem to be taken care of on our to-do list. So, basically, our lives would end while fighting to keep away these mega-sized pests from our supplies. Too much work.

Whatever be the case, definitely life would be much more fun and we would literally be living life at the edge like everyone is trying to in today’s world. It’s just that instead of dying while clicking a selfie, we would have died a glorious death while fighting off a beast.
And to me, that’s a much better way to leave this planet. What do you think, huh?

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