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Soon There Will Be A Direct Train From Delhi To Leh And Here’s Is Why You Should Be Sad About It

You must have heard the news that soon, there will be a direct train from Delhi to Leh.

Yeah, you heard it right. Apparently, after a few years, it won’t take 40 hours to reach one of the most beautiful places on earth- Leh. Within 20 hours you will be making it to the mesmerizing mountains leaving Delhi’s pollution behind.

But I am not at all happy about it. In fact, I already feel bad for ‘Leh’ and the effect it will have, once the train begins its service. Here are the reasons why a direct train from Delhi to Leh is more of a bad, rather than being good news –

1. Direct train means a horde of tourists

direct train from Delhi to Leh

All of you understand the importance of a direct line, right? If there is no direct and easy route to reach a place, most of you would rather skip that destination and move forward for the next one. But Leh won’t be spared at all, once the direct train from Delhi to Leh starts functioning.

Naturally, when you finally reach Leh and expect it to be serene and less crowded, it won’t be. Because of the thousands of people dropping down in the place every day because there’s a direct route now. And there goes the serenity of Leh.

2. Lots of people mean lots of garbage

direct train from Delhi to Leh

Of course, you can’t expect tourists to behave like smart and intelligent people who care about nature. So, soon Leh will become a place which has garbage all around. Because none of the tourists pay attention or even care about where they are throwing plastic bottles and wrappers of food items.

It already pisses me off why is Indian government trying to screw up this piece of heaven, by making it easily accessible to people. Most of them act like monkeys and only know to destroy something beautiful by littering all around.

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3. You won’t find peace in Leh anymore

direct train from Delhi to Leh

With a poof, Leh’s peace will be gone. Right now, the people who travel hard to reach the treacherous mountains of Leh respect it. They know how hard they have traveled, which is why when they finally reach Leh, they make sure they are really there to enjoy the scenic beauty and not to ruin the place.

But as soon as a direct line opens up, everyone would want to be there. The result, you won’t find peace even in the remote locations. Leh will transform into a place where you’ll find people and noise at every other corner. I feel sad for Leh already.

4. The pollution level of Leh would go up

direct train from Delhi to Leh

It might not effect Leh instantly, but after the direct line starts functioning, the pollution level would start gradually increasing. The tourists would increase the business of hotels and restaurants but side by side also add up to the clean air that flows in the mountains.

As a result, after a few years, the beautiful heaven like the place would start getting transformed into a polluted place and there nothing more heartbreaking than watching a piece of heaven being destroyed slowly right in front of your eyes.

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5. The train route will destroy untouched mountains and valleys

direct train from Delhi to Leh

The direct line which is proposed to take you from Delhi to Leh within 20 hours is supposed to have 30 stations on the way. It will include main tourist spots including Sundernagar, Mandi, Manali, Keylong, Koksar, Darcha, Upshi, and Karu.

And in order to make the train lines, the mountains and valleys would have to be carved in or dig tunnels through them. All of this would destroy the natural beauty of those places that were untouched from centuries. Nothing could have been worse.

In Conclusion:

I know, most of you are excited just by knowing the fact that there will be a direct train from Delhi to Leh. But trust me if you really love and respect the mountains, pray that it never happens. Because it will just end up destroying the actual beauty of this untouched terrain.

I for once would pray that this project stays forever in the pipeline because god forbid if it is built, it will be a slow poison for Leh ‘s death and my heart is already crushed thinking about the consequences.

What are your thoughts about it?

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